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Nobody tans in the dark. Maybe turn down the sun would have been better.

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Good point, I feel a sun dimmer switch coming on, bugsy.

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Subjectivity, discuss.......

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just wondering: why not make 8 exactly the same visuals?

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I'm so-so about the idea. But the art is quite bad. The minimalism is fine, I actually dig it, but it doesn't even look like she's sitting in the same place as the resort in the background.

And it looks like she's turning to the copy to read and understand what she is doing.

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--good idea is enemy of great idea

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this one is similar - and much better. and it´s only one ;-)

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Wow dude, you must think everything is similar then.

Btw this campaign sucks. All three are exactly the same ad. It's not worty of a campaign if nothing is different. And the idea itself is rather lame too. Oooh the sun has a switch. It's a metaphoric joke I get it. Bravo.

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