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A similar campaign was made in Chile. Heres the link for the ads.
You decide which execution you like the most. I like the one from Chile.

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the chile ads are much better.

how many different ways can we take the color out of things in stain remover ads. it's way too easy.


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got it the first two times you posted this....

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Agreed. This ads a little twist to it though. But there are simply too many stain remover ads out there. Especially in student portfolios.

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Yup, the chilian is better. GThe ketchup should have been transparent in the bottle inself. Somehow it doesn't look real with the red sauce turning into transparent jelly like substance. Perhaps better photoshop?

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i'm not sure about the whole idea. i mean it's supposed to say "removing stains" and not "preventing stains" right?

or am i overly nitpickerish?

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Chilian one is not better. This one is. BUT, it has been done in a better way and was in the archives & maybe won some awards as well. Those ads showed coffee,sauce etc spilling on the clothes,sofas and turning into this kinda transparent/waterly liquid...

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i like this more than the chilian. Stains disappear instantly, doesn't mean the stains disappear "before it not yet even to become a stain", why the chili sos must be transparent even when it was in the bottle? that is chili sauce, not stain!
for this, at least i got the concept.

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Not bad but honestly, I'd rather end up with the red stain than the slimy one.
Was there no way of making the stain less disgusting?

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wow, i have just seen the very same idea in a lürzer's:
it has been done in '98 or '99 for Dynamo Stain Remover by Young & Rubicam Auckland.
one with clear ketchup and one with a can of clear beetroot.
does anybody know it or have a link?

ok, i bet no one in india ever heard of it (apart from the guys mentioned above) so it definitely works for the public. but it kinda makes me angry if these stolen ideas win medals.
as the ketchup ad is a 1:1 plagiate of the Y&R Auckland's this is definitely NO coincidence.