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May 2016

Print advertisment created by Leo Burnett, United States for Kellogg's, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA
Art Director: Ryan Dillon
Copywriter: Dan Lewis
Illustrator: Laika

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Ad_Man's picture
Activity Score 826

harsh times for ads of the world... haven't seen good stuff for a while.

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

ivan's picture

Cannes stuff spoiled you. :)

Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
Activity Score 2005

well at leased they didn't anthropomorphize
the product, and wrap some ball sack of a line around it

Indiana Journo's picture
Indiana Journo
Activity Score 26

Wha-at? Is that even in English?

Dusan Zica's picture
Dusan Zica
Activity Score 116

you're 100% right...

feel's picture
Activity Score 168

i saw some good jobs on exhibition forum, someones could be here on front page, but...

dico's picture
Activity Score 332

Excellent campaign!!!!

Copy_Can's picture

Dude, what the hell are you smoking?

1. You don't need to post "Excellent campaign!!!!" (with 4 exclamation marks, no less) after very ad. You said it's an "Excellent campaign!!!!" referring to all the ads.

2. Of course, you're entitled to your opinions, but these ads suck.

prozac_republic's picture
Activity Score 196

can't you see he's promoting his blog?

добро пожаловать и наслаждается!
The Prozac Republic®

добро пожаловать и наслаждается!
The Prozac Republic®

Frits Harkema's picture
Frits Harkema
Activity Score 713

Hello strange thingy. Get of my chest immediately.

oopsie_dum_didly's picture
Activity Score 91

6 of 'em too.

sparky's picture
Activity Score 454

if there's more executions it makes the idea better.


vaikunta's picture
Activity Score 64

The reflection should be inverted

peak900's picture
Activity Score 211

that's right.

cute ad but nothing really special.

Boxey's picture
Activity Score 8879

Come on. What did paper ever do to you to make you print crap all over it?

doworkson's picture
Activity Score 242

hahaha well said Boxey.

advertisingguy's picture
Activity Score 10

maaaaan, why are you guys so angry? this campaign is very nice for who it's talking to. have you ever thought that every ad may not be intended for angry advertising geeks.

it's probably meant for moms and kids who i'm sure love this little cartoon mascot. they're not world changing, but they're cute. & in this case that probably means that they sell the shit out of some cereal.

relax people.

Boxey's picture
Activity Score 8879

No anger. Just truth.
I don't have a problem with the mascot, nor do I disagree that they're cute.
It's what they say that's not smart, which equates to not being "very nice" to any audience.

To your point about them probably selling cereal:

Crème de la Mer's picture
Crème de la Mer
Activity Score 40

jajajajajja....qué estúpida es! Me enCANtaaa...!!!!

campass's picture
Activity Score 120

The ugly campaign ever...