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- kk

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is this really that stupid?

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Okay, kids, here's a shining example of a great concept gone terribly wrong in planning, so let this be a lesson to you.

It's a keg. We killed it, then stuffed it and mounted it on the wall as a hunting trophy. So far, so good -- I can buy into that.

But what murders this ad is the wallpaper and the fireplace surround and the little photo and the duck. This doesnt look like anything but one of those pretentious suburban homes where they keep the twenty year old picture of Cindy Lou on the mantle because she was such a sweet child. They have a fair to decent core idea, then cut it off at the knees by putting it in a completely wrong atmopshere. Hed this been made into one of those *truly* pretentious, "I have more money today than you'll ever see in your life" kinds of places, or even something that suggested a frat house living room, they might have been on to something that would have fully exploited the idea. Instead, they caved in the details.

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Poor execution, less than average idea.

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The angle of the keg is weird. Just like the ad.

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the man
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i checked out your work and you really have no room to dis this ad. Your book needs lots of work buddy.

the man

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And your own? -- which is certainly brilliant, we're all sure, since, after all, you're "the man". Link, please.

Please dont deny us the opporunity.

It's one thing to comment on the work presented in here -- that's, in theory anyway, *why* it's here, even if the amount of discussion rarely gets beyond the monosyllabic "done" comment. But to trash a fellow member's work in a public forum like this -- sorry, that's bending the rules a little too far. So if you feel that Brandon's book is less than par, then I suggest you share your own, obviously far better work for critique. Just better make sure that your own book is ready.

Oh, and have a nice day, huh?

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the man
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His link was there for all to see. Anyone can comment on this site and I doubt that there are many One Show judges looking at the work. Including you. My book is sitting in a nice place. If I wanted the world to critique my book then I'd have put it on here. I didn't and Brandon did. When did I "trash" his book? It was my opinion and nothing more. Get over yourself and get back to making coupons. Oh, and yes, have a nice day.

the man