Beer reborn

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December 2009

Print advertisment created by Bernstein-Rein, Germany for Karlsberg, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

MiXery BLEND – Beer reborn

Advertising Agency: Bernstein Werbeagentur, Bremen, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Tom Schardt
Creative Director: Andreas Rüthemann
Copywriter: Jan Portius
Art Director: Carina Wenzel
Designer: Melanie Blaschke
Photographer: litho Niemann + M. Steggemann GmbH

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Activity Score 65

copy does not match

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Activity Score 6692


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Activity Score 1460

ok stuff. just ok.

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Activity Score 266


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Activity Score 1101

Nice Art. Idea ok

CopyRight's picture
Activity Score 713

great idea and visual

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Activity Score 2

Good concept. Execution is disgusting. I don't want to think of amniotic fluid when I sip my next beer but if it happens I blame this ad.

Dzsoi's picture
Activity Score 8532

This 'a new (product) has born' and personalizing the product as a baby or embryo is not new at all. Moreover, this is a bit disgusting.

Phil Lestino's picture
Phil Lestino
Activity Score 1684

Floating in babys wee wee

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Activity Score 413

Poor concept. My 2 Bani

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i can't even spell my name without 'ad'

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Activity Score 3647

That shit is gross.

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The Undertaker
Activity Score 22

I like this one, if I forget to consider that it's not very ethic to match childhood and alcohol.

Hibon's picture
Activity Score 3734

No thank you... boring and poor idea.

Simple ideas are the best !

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Activity Score 4172

Like american says: "ewwwwwwwwww"

satrianee's picture
Activity Score 3748

Good heavens! Selling beer to men in an amniotic liquid? Who came up with that, Anais Nin?

Colors are great though

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Activity Score 2374

ahahah love it! Good concept!

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Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
Activity Score 5498

Sorry, not doing it for me.
Bit obvious.
Bit first thought.
Beer always has a higher bar to clear.
What's it "MIX"ed with?
Drink about four or five of those babies... and then think again.

The Jobless Writer
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ek kanya
Activity Score 814

nice art. though the whole umbilical cord thing is kind of repulsive, the art is nice.

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Activity Score 37

I really liked photo shop work and shoot, but the concept is ok becos its has used in many camp.

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Activity Score 310

the first feeling I got looking at this ad was repulsion. Therefore no matter how the idea "seems" good on thought, on paper it becomes a failure. It doesn't amaze me, I don't admire the idea, I just feel sick by looking at it.

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sush's picture
Activity Score 566

well u said reborn but from d visuals its still unborn. nice idea poor execution.


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Activity Score 28

C'mon, Sorry No from me!

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Activity Score 648

Avatar!!!!! Bad use.

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Activity Score 253

eww, I wouldn't wanna drink it after seeing this ad

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Activity Score 2741

albeit art is nice


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