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May 2008
Advertising Agency: TBWA\PHS Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director: Tommy Makinen
Art Directors: Mikko Torvinen, Jouni Seppanen
Copywriters: Tommy Makinen, Erkko Mannila
Account Supervisors: Jussi Lindholm, Krista Jaasko
Advertiser's Supervisor / Marketing Managers: Mia Selroos, Anu Perrotta
Graphic Designers: Aleksi Palomaki, Hermanni Kanerva, Petrus Eskelinen

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Am I missing something? Besides the neat DTP work...

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Crisp One
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epic fail. nothing makes me want to keep looking for meaning than a page of 30+ ads.

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well done

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Guest commenter

can someone please explain?

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:: shaking head ::

Once upon a time, we had this medium called the "newspaper". It was printed on something called "paper". And inside you'd find "articles" and "photographs" (You may need to Google some of this stuff, okay?). In those long-forgotten days, people actually *went* to see a movie in this big place called a "movie theatre", which took out tiny ads like this (ads that, shockingly, *just sat there*! NO animation! Can you believe it?) to tell people what would be seen on the "screens", which, contrary to mythology, were *not* made of silver.

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Guest commenter

"On A Clear Day You Can See Foverer"?

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Heckuva lot better film than SERPENT'S EGG. Eww.

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Guest commenter

I like this...great newspaper ad.Well done.

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Guest commenter

I dont get it, these kinds of ads are not from the past dear: sean martin
in my country you can find this kind of "tiny ads (ads that, shockingly, *just sat there*! NO animation! Can you believe it?) to tell people what would be seen on the "screens" so i just dont get it, it is supose to be retro or something????

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It's pretty much retro here. Yes, we still have the tiny ads in our newspapers to advertise our movies, but since, statistically, attendance has fallen off, display ads like these are giving way to just lists of showtimes at the multiplex.

And bear in mind that none of the movies displayed here is all that recent. Most are 80s productions, which means this is trying to appeal to that boomer and GenX renter.

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FAVOURITE films? Really?

Like "FIST"?