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I think you should see the BBDO self promo ad they did in the Middle East a few years ago, and then you'll have been the worst!

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One of the worst agency selfpromotion ads I've ever seen.

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Activity Score 81

I think you should see the BBDO self promo ad they did in the Middle East a few years ago, and then you'll have been the worst!

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I think that Axxl is not so right...

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i think he is

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when I worked at BBDO I felt like jamming a pencil in my eye.

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How did you get fired?

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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By jamming a pencil in his boss's eye.

I did a stint at BBDO at one point in my career too, but six months was enough for me there.
Too many big egos and small brains...

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Eri M
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"By jamming a pencil in his boss's eye."

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chintan ruparel
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BBDO is doing this!?

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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this is stupid.

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"no one ever says they want to be a junkie when they grow-up." let's keep it that way...

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THIS is BBDO's self promotional ad?
please keep it away from your clients. honestly, they'll be very concerned what mindless ads you gonna come up for them seriously.

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Looks like being high is a plus. Remember this self-promo ad from BDDP/Fils:

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this is scary, is BBDO a ....lunatic asylum, or they push people to madness? i agree most of the design people are mad, oh but not in this way. scary

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let us try to see things from a different angel guys... dont you all think that this is a totally different route of self promoting? and should self promoting be according to lets say certain standards, fixed??? i dont think so
thats why its being called creative work!!!! maybe the ad is not that great but still there is something about it


| everartz |

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totally agree.
this shows adicction to their job in a provocative way, doesn´t matter if it´s original or crap.
it´s not that bad. There´s an ad for Bocage Paris (couldn´t find it 4u) where a girl is using a shoe´s cord as a cocaine line, and the result is quite smart.
I think the pencil is very Leo Burnett, though...

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Have Heart
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Terrible, mindless crap. I can hardly believe how bad this is. This is isn't self-promotion at all, this is self-ruining.

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Just another point it BBDO from BBDO varies, what i mean, is that AMV BBDO would never allow this ad out, however BBDO Athens did so maybe we should not blaim BBDO (in general if we dislike this ad ). So put the blaim on BBDO Athens for this ad, which i believe it's not so bad it's just immature. The thinking might be good, the execution on the other hand i think is just not good.

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Scam Detector
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I agree. Not all offices of an agency network are at the same level worldwide. Berlin Cameron Red Cell was kicking ass in the States winning Coca Cola while Red Cell Beirut was just a local copy shop offering logo design to the delis around the corner.
I still believe that a regional ECD, if there is any, should be blamed.

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self promo ads for agencies are incredibly hard.
there arent many good ones out there i dont think...
this, of course, isnt one of them.
but it definitely isnt the worst ive seen

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no comments...

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This is a health warning. If you shoot up lead your concept skills will die. They obviously get through a lot of pencils at BBDO Athens...

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It would make more sense if it's made for Leo Burnett, they worship the black pencil and the apples.


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ADdicted... hmmm cute copy... like my campus event name that's been around for these last ten years...XD...

Trying to retire ad-man

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hm.. i get the point

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i've changed my mind, i dont wanna work @ BBDO (anywhere) anymore

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The visual makes you feel of PAIN! which is not good, I still like the idea of making a relation between the pencil and the human, what about a man that wears a suit which is all made of white papers, and the folds and pockets, and other details are being illustrated by pencil on it.