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If the guy really know what is judo. Than he will leave the weapon. Coz he can not beat him with that. Maybe a gun.

"Everyday is one short life"

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Mister Ham

I'm not so sure with the campaign.
Those are all nice and funny visuals, but it would work for a electric toothbrush too or any other product that replaces your work. The ad is not telling anything about the product, just showing analogies. Hmmm… 
I wonder if it is relevant to the target group. Who buys those electric bikes?
I remember seeing old guys on bikes like those, but those ads are so fahion-like photographed…

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all i can see in this ad is the idea of cheating..! i dont think its proper at all .. and i dont see that when u ride anelectric bike .. u r cheating any one but yourself :)
i really dont like it

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I just wished I have the american idol's Simon's voice when he says no, no, NO..!

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tamer samy
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The Judo player can deal very well with this kind of sticks..

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dude, put him with a knife. so when they start fighting, he can just easily stab him with it, he should know when will be a good time to use the knife yea? hes doing judo man.

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Cool concept. I think the ads are a bit too subtle and disparate from the bicycle message though. But hey, this guy is getting paid to do work and that's awesome.