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June 2011


Print advertisement created by Grey, Philippines for Joy Dishwashing Liquid, within the category: House, Garden.


Still using laundry bars on your plates? You might as well wear them.

Advertising Agency: Campaigns & Grey, Philippines
Director: Paolo Dy
Executive Creative Director: Ompong Remigio
Creative Director: Noel Orosa
Copywriter: Noel Orosa
Art Director: Anton Panajon, Gil Corcuera
Producer: Richie Aquino
Associate Creative Director: Mel Aguinaldo
Production company: Abracadabra
Graphic Designers: Eric Capongcol, Gredge Salvador
Account Director: Eres Gatmaitan
Post production: Post Manila
Music Studio: LIquid Post
Actor: Maricar Dizon
Fashion Stylist: Rious Caliso, Noel Orosa
Photographer: Milo Sogueco
Designer: Rious Caliso
Account manager: Christina Melchor
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What it’s mean?

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What it’s mean?

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Clearly that girl doesn't eat. So i guess it makes sense that she would rather wear them. lol

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Art Director at student
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Lol, epic

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//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.

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comment of the week

john ler
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gadgets's picture

using laundry bars = stupid? FAIL

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nerio's picture

why is using laundry bars (whatever that is) equals to wearing plates? I don't get it... can someone explain please?

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Web Designer/Developer
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A laundry bar (supposedly laundry soap bar) is used to wash clothes and other fabrics. In the Philippines, however, it is also used to wash plates.

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Polytechnic University of the Philippines
lucie123's picture

It's a campaing for Lavaza?

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It's a campaign for "my friend's wife/daughter has pretty. Sell things with her picture." Nothing more.

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Your out of place

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ie06gg's picture

The ad is actually insightful. (I'm assuming this ad is aimed for Filipinos)

In Philippines, it is very common for people to use laundry bars as their dishwashing soap. It's a third world country.
How do I know this? I grew up there.

Surprisingly, the copy, written in "Tagalog" does not make sense to me. It is written in an odd way. Note that my first language is "Tagalog"

Good insight. So-so with the delivery.
"Tagalog" copy does not make sense to me (a native Tagalog speaker).

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It's easier to criticize than to create.

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Where is Lada Gaga when you need her?!?!?!?!

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lolz lady no gaga.

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Lame Ad, and a backward thinking about new filipinos

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associate creative
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this is so cool. I totally get it :))

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Art Director at Polytechnic University of the Philippines
ryanpaco's picture

The message of this ad is very quite simple and I think only Filipinos can relate to this. I guess the ad agency is trying to create a humorous point here. The product "Joy dish washing liquid" is not actually expensive, they are not persuading people to buy expensive dish washing instead they simply educating people in a humorous way that laundry bar is for clothes and not for plates. :)

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