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Great, great artwork, congrats

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beautiful, my favorite of the series

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bara bara baez
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I has a dream I made this ad

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Brilliant Artwork...Congrats :)

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Wonderful. Super idea.

~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Emran Hayat
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thts beautiful... nice work ;)

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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Damn good ............Damn good work

"No think is impossible"

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daniel ieraci
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Very nice, really like this series.

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Have Heart
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Common, it's so obvious that all the comments above come from JvM. It's always the same, when JvM posts a campaign here: within a few seconds 10 praising comments show up and all of them are so full of exaggeration - it's a shame!

Now to the campaign: the artwork/design is nice, but you can find this look in EVERY illustration/design book. And the concept is plain old and sucked out. Sorry...

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i agree with have heart, this looks like a page ripped out of an illustration book with a product slapped on it.
whats the big idea? who will remember this and refer to it in one year time? no one

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@ Have Heart, justpassingby

Oh yes, I have seen this also before. There is so much illustration out there. I mean have you looked at it closer? There is some nice handcrafted typography you wont find in any books. Although you do not like it. I do. Nice work.

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i think they should have spent more time coming up with an idea than coming up with as many ways and fonts to spell jeans.

I think you are the type who likes really made up girls who wear alot of lipstick and eye shadow and once you take her out for dinner and spend time with her youll find out how shallow and boring she is.

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You make me laugh.

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very nice

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hairy potter
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oi, justpassingby. Whats matter with the idea. Ok, it's not a big one.
But if a girl uses lipstick n eye shadow it doesn't mean that she s got nothing to say.
(may be you re too afraid or too horny to chat her up?! - just kiddin)
I mean an ad is nothing more but nothing less than an ad. And it need to get attention.
We all see that it's got attention. Even if you dislike the idea, they get you to get it and to think bout it - and even to write bout it.
And to quote bill bernbach "advertising doesn't create a product advantage. it can only convey it." And if thats what the recordstudios wanted them to say. They might just did it.
And another point I really would love to discuss. Do you really think an idea is just a little sentence? I mean, we get a lot of things told in the picture that you might just get unknowingly, and I really think people get cos they grow up with TV nowadays. Really think time ends when graphix make a layout and a copywriter make the idea...blablabla....have to work. cos I really would like to do something like this.

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loved it

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loved it