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August 2007

Print advertisment created by &Co, Denmark for jbs, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: &Co, Denmark

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Activity Score 4899

garbage idea. but at least the girl is hot.

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Finally a company who got it right. I always said, men do not want to see other naked men when they are being sold men's underwear.

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Activity Score 3305

i agree ivan!!!
great campaign!!

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Pushpinder Singh's shop Saints and Warriors had released a nice ad where one hot woman washes her husband's Amul undies by the riverside and has a bit of an orgasm. Nice to watch, but the Indian Govt didn't think so - they've banned it.

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True, but I bet the main purchasers of men's underwear are by their wives or girlfriends. Men would just go to WalMart and grab the first pack of white fruit-of-the-looms they see. Metrosexuals excluded.

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Straight men like me certainly don't! And why else would you care about what your underwear looks like, if not for the reaction of a desirable other person of your preference?

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Protest-- models are not in uderwears! Large attire cloud my vision. Cant locate my wallet.

More underwears please

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This ad is for underwear_ oh my god. I thought it is from RED CROSS - they looking for donations,

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anakin acevedo
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Ha ha ha!

If that woman smelled my underpants, she would be dead by now... ha ha ha! Dead from the smell ha ha ha!

But now, seriously... nice work. It is a good insight that we smell women panties when they are not around, even if we don't speak about it.

Also, that chick is hot!

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Ha ha ha.

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Activity Score 273

um, you realise you have some big problems if your underwear smell so bad, and you manage to procure women's undies without their knowledge and then sniff them?!? Stalked any nice women lately?? Ivan, seems your site also serves as a perv expose platform - arrest this bugger.

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anakin acevedo
Activity Score 30

What men would not want to see naked hot chicks? [edited by admin for foul language]

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The photography, lovely. Well iluminated, gorgeous model, eye catching, sexy attitude. The idea... hmmm, sex sells.

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Yes Rene !

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I don't even care what they are selling, I'll take two

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Activity Score 987

same here. very effective. creative? not really. but is effective to the point that i dont care if its creative or not.

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Activity Score 4899

garbage idea. but at least the girl is hot.

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Fk Mikenj
Activity Score 197

Nurse OK
Maid OK
Secretary OK
but Nun? I think so exaggerated, a bit forced
agree anyone?

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Activity Score 165

Great art direction. Notice how her legs are ever so seductively spread apart and see how the I.V. tubing is wrapped around her leg to keep it that way (by the way, why has the I.V. holder fallen down?). I haven't had the chance to look at the other ones... YET. I dont know if this makes me want to purchase undies, it DOES make me want to get injured so that she can sponge me down. I want to know who the lucky bastard was that got to attend this shoot. DAMN YOU!!!!! Sex sells and this is actually done pretty well as far as that goes. Its more seductive than over the top graphic, it allows your mind to work and stimulate the nether regions.

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The best mens underwear campaign I ever see.

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Man, if this boxers were mine, the girl will faint.
Very sexy campaign, by the way.

tanchin's picture

grabbing of attention such as for attract to undypantys is winning most.

sexy sexy woman he is admiring the smelling to show love of reproductive organs and fantasy for other perpose in his pant.

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Activity Score 339

thats whats hot ads all about love it... sex sex sex sell

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ok, nice pictures, no doubt about that...
but guys, let's stay professional.
they SNIFF the undies. what does that mean? is JBS using a special pheromone fragrance for their brand? does it smell better than other brands?
are they keeping their eyes shut to think of the sexy guy who was wearing them instead of having to look at these passion killers?
the idea's weak and imprecise. the execution couldn't be better though.

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Activity Score 150

the reason why they traditionally used male models to sell mens underwear. is because sometime throu history the underwear companies discovered that most men dont by underwear. The wives the mums the girl friends do. So thats why.

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Fk Mikenj
Activity Score 197

ah yes, thank you

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The AXE underwear?
nice photo, but just that.

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Activity Score 6080

Agreed Daniel G.
Naughty... but just nice.
'Sniffing' would work better for a mens fragrance rather than his undies.
So kids, where does this brand go from here?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679

A line of edible boxers/briefs?
If they smell so good, they ought to taste good, too, one would assume... No?

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er... no.

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Common guys, Daniel got it right, she ain't getting turned on by the undies, but by the smell on it... so while you all get horny and carried away with the sexy pictures...this is doing nothing for the underwear brand it;s the man not the undies that are turning her on..

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Good to find a new way even play around boring men under wear that look like gay under wear.

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I love what I see!

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sex sell ... and babydogs ... and little children

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Activity Score 6692

awesome models, awsome fotography and it will surely work. but i find it a little depressing how many hours of thinking over a good idea it takes to beat the impact of a beautiful woman.. the idea btw is not sexy but rather disgusting. but then again: awesome models! :)

killing the advertising snob's picture
killing the adv...

well, again, again, again...

From a woman point of view this ads are stupid, but everybody agree sex sells ok... the girls are hot and...blah, blah blah... there is nothing more

Are we mad?
Are we still in the 80's?
Are we still copying Lynx concept over and over?
What if the guy that has been reagulary buying this underpants is gay?

I think it is a pitty to fail over and over again instead looking forward, it is difficult not falling into things that have been made 1000 times... but push up! Keep thinking and do something that has not been made before...

Reactionary ad... i am sorry

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There is nothing much to say about UWs. And we all know what to expect.

The man is there in the ad - but subtly. She smells the UW and remembers him.

Nearly pornographic. But I love this ad terribly. It triggers a fantasy.

I would buy the product.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Hmm looks like everyone in here needs a cold shower or to go rub one out.

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Underwear? Where's the underwear?

Oh! There it is!

Sushovan Chaudhuri (ECD - A Postive Euro, Dhaka)'s picture
Sushovan Chaudh...

Can anyone please tell me, what was the objective of this campaign? To sell the Brand, establish an image, or what? Can any guy think of projecting an image by wearing that very image carrying underwear to make a woman sniff at his undy? I think even the wildest of guy with utmost saddist mentality will not do it. So this campaign is actually taking the brand nowhere from there through communication. Rather it's also hitting the sense, sesibility and sensuality of a woman, as if she's being raped in public. It's a good gimmick, but not a piece of marketing communication. So men, choice is yours!

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Activity Score 205

Ok I admit that you have it right advertising women in a mens underwear campaign but this is ...


They could have done a lot better and made people actually want to buy underwear. This jsut makes me think someone has a fetish.

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i like the girl. wd love to sleep with her.
but i'm not sure her sniffing makes me feel any sexier so as to push me to buy the brand. n sniffing and fantasising the man's underwear has been one of the easiest and primary fantasies of ad men, rather than women I suppose...

but if JBS can start this trend...n I have my gf trying to pull it off me nxt time I buy it, I will be grateful. CHEERS JBS!

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i am available for sniffing or anything the girls like! ads are out of main point but the photos are cool n perfumed!

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Activity Score 150

Let me ask you guys something. How many of you guys actually buy your own underwear? I know i dont. And i couldnt careless about underwear ads.

Now, if most of you guys DONT buy your own underwear 'Jockey' got it right in using men in their campaigns. Because your wives want you to look like the men in the ads.

Now, if most of you DO buy your own underwear. Then the trend over the past few decades have changed thanks to 'metro-sexuality' and this campaign is the way of the future for mens underwear ad.

That simple.

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Is there any writer that can actually write with some semblance of having an imagination that they don't have to use the Naughty nurse. I am a proud nurse that has to explain to patients that we are professionals that they trust with keeping them alive! It is my assessment that sees the minute changes that show signs of cardiac arrest, and thousands of other health problems that spell out life and death. And it continues to boggle my mind that their are still small minded people mainly men that think this type of advertising is okay! Shame on the advertisers, promoters and the actress' and actors that allow themselves to be sucked into this type of advertising. And, no, I can't take a joke. I am a nurse that does everything in my power to save lives. And I expect RESPECT for the job I do. This ad should be pulled!

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Shut up, Darlene. The world would be much better if all women looked and acted liked this.