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September 2008

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Israel for Israel Gay Youth Organization, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

It’s easier than you think.

Advertising Agency: Gitam BBDO, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Guy Bar
Creative Director: Igal Hazan
Art Director: Noam Laist
Copywriter: Orel Bitan

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Ed Mintone
Activity Score 585

good job fellas

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Activity Score 936

This is great. Really. Great.

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Activity Score 125

funny ad, but 8 steps doesn't sound/look easy to me.

silenciorn's picture
Activity Score 153

8 steps are fine, if you think how much it took to build THAT exact kind of closet...
An excellent use of the "come out of the closet" phrase, without actually using it.

si fai il mio nome, non ci sono più...

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Crisp One
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Activity Score 128

Wouldn't it be more topical if they just blew it up?

michelangelo_of_ad's picture
Activity Score 408

great ad....(wish i had it in 1522)

"I have no friends, and don't want any." - Michelangelo

awenindo's picture
Activity Score 215

blowing it up is a good idea if you're from Texas...

kareena's picture
Activity Score 39

interesting ad....good.

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Activity Score 1857

i'm from Texas, and while we do like to blow stuff up, they've already done an incredible job with this execution. furthermore, explosions already have a tragic history with the region, and i don't think they'd appreciate the joke.

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Activity Score 104

Stolen idea. 1/1.
Done by Grabarz & Partner in Hamburg a few years ago for IKEA.

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Activity Score 498

The IKEA one is about a store closing; this one is a metaphor for homosexuality, specifically 'coming out of the closet' and telling the world that you're gay. totally different.

And a score of 1/1 is still 100%.

Shameless. I guess the only way you'll get noticed is accusing people on here of stealing work.

Or is some of your work on this site?

Slashweasel's picture
Activity Score 104

By that argument I could take the Tide print campaign, redo it with little carpet cleaning men and slap on a carpet cleaning service logo. "Hey it's the same idea but for a different service so it's an original ad"?

These ads are 100% identical. The only difference is the logo. So yes it is a stolen idea probably lifted from an awards annual. And that is shameless.

fauxjebus's picture
Activity Score 498

"probably lifted from an awards annual."

'Probably' being the operative word. It's one thing to point out the similarities, and another to baselessly accuse the creatives of plagiarism. It happens ALL THE TIME. Are you familiar with every concept that has ever existed so as not to repeat anything similar?


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Activity Score 104

Shameless, guys. Just shameless. I guess paging through old annuals and stealing ideas is the only way you'll ever get noticed.

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for a "no copy/paste world day".

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Activity Score 128

This ad is gay.

Sorry I couldn't help it.

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isn't that a wardrobe not a closet? Maybe it's an american thing, but our closets are built into our houses.

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Guest commenter

so it's about doing things backwords?