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Best understood having visited or lived in Cape Town.

Great concept.

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Not much sense even if you've been to Cape Town or live around it... Overly exaggerated...

Who turned the world upside down?

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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open it up & see all the detail. awesome. though apparently oskar drinks mongoose milk.

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Looks really cool but I don't get it.
Can someone from Cape Town please explain this?

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You dont need to live in Cape Town to get it... Nice work.

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Does everybody forgot to tell something about this ridiculous art direction? There are retouch studios in South Africa?

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Muxa. Please explain "ridiculous art direction?" ???

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Fabian Kirner
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Looks like photoshop.

No. Kidding. Always wanted to say this, cause here are so many people always complaining...

Think its well done!!!

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muxa, ther e is any inglish schools in brazil?

"ridiculous art direction"? more like ridiculous comment. i like this ad. i'm not from cape town, and get it. good job bbdo CT

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the idea's fine.. maybe the photoshopping could be better. Am sure the creative didn't have the time they needed to pull this ad off ;)

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.