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This one is a GREAT IDEA!
Good job!

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Some people say that the formula "things that look like other things" is out of fashion...
Regardless of that i believe this one is ok, not a great one, but ok.

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no !!!!

force and too try.


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Hey, isnt forced. its a good graphic game. i like it


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i was wondering if emancipated women know what an iron is... as an emancipated man, i do.
perhaps not the most sensitive and flattering way to bring across the effect of the product. but i like it.

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i like this. sticks with the current olay style and it is not forced, it is simply a shot of the top of the bottle. ironing removes wrinkles and so does olay. i think if you read far enough into anything it can always be viewed in a bad way.

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Phony Ads
Activity Score 149

I'm thinking the line "removes wrinkles" should have been near the larger image.

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Fk Mikenj
Activity Score 197

hmm, fake ad? never seen this before

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snore. enough with the ads for ad people.

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We've got this clean white art direction style emerging for Olay, like the ad above and the recent Dubai Lynx winner Undo.

Earlier Olay ads looked like this:

I think I like the earlier style for the stronger ideas, but this clean look fits the product so well.

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This works! Definately a great idea!

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Thanks for writing "IRON" on the title.
I suggest writing that even for the Cannes jurors. Otherwise this ad is Un-Understandable.
BTW, my vote is 5/10

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Activity Score 105

Agree. Title explains everything.

Didn't see it, and if they chose another title I still would be searching for the idea.

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Activity Score 6080

Even with the 'removes wrinkles' line?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Agreed, without the title i would never understand this

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Muy forzado, gracias por el titulo!

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1 Nigga
Activity Score 46

Oh, C'mon man...

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Yeah, without the title, my first thought was "umm... shuffleboard? " How cool am I?

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Activity Score 157

i really had to stare and think about the piece to 'get it.' "ironing" wrinkles is just a stretch.

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It worked very fast for me.
I like, and i think that the product´s designer should be in the credits.


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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I got it right away, too. But in all likelihood, that's because I'm by now so used to "figuring things out visually" by piecing together both what is being said and what is being implied. But to those who aren't in the habit of solving a visual/verbal puzzle, I'm not so sure how quick this ad really is. I do see how it's a bit of a stretch...

That said, there IS an element of reward in the ad. So, when you DO get it, you're probably more likely to be entertained and remember the brand for some time.

Very clevaaaa!

During the very first semester at an ad school (ages ago!), one of the instructors told the class to
just stare at the product you're making an ad for (as an initial problem solving technique.) I always thought it was a bunch of you-know-what. But I guess now I know, after all these years, what he meant by it.

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Activity Score 6080

Even after two big hints?!
The line...
Olay's brand essence...

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Activity Score 279

simple. clean. straight to the point. clever observation... well done

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What the Hell
Activity Score 114

simple > clean > already been done > made for advertising people > weak

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Activity Score 10

already been done? really?

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Activity Score 762

I think this is great. I really like it

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I like this one very much, it just works for me. But I agree with Phony Ads that the copy should be bigger. (I have to admit that for a sec I thought of toasting your face in order to remove wrinkles.)

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Nifty! The idea is brilliant yet natural. Makes everything fall seamlessly together.

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actually this looks alot more like one of them curling things. tha's what i thought of, not an iron.