Insomniac Pocong

June 2007

The dead is covered in white clothes according to Muslim tradition. The cotton in the nose is part of the ritual.

Blandongan coffee. Qakes the body and soul.

Advertising Agency: Srengenge, Jogja, Indonesia
Creative Director: Yazied Syafaat
Art Directors: Aancool, Thurnasel
Copywriter: Abiargo
Photographer: Bayu Setiawan

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da noodle's picture
da noodle
Activity Score 37

Can someone explain it to me ??????????????

CreepingFeature's picture
Activity Score 244

Blandongan. A necromancer's best friend.

j2mango's picture
Activity Score 534

totally right

Davosk's picture
Activity Score 4815

Jeez, I would have thought that portraying the dead, in such a whimsical way, in a muslim culture would be a disrespectful thing to do. Watch your backs Srengenge, Jogja, Indonesia. BTW I think these ads suck while being well executed.

Stigset's picture
Activity Score 1454

Bad taste, and not very appetizing.

Guest's picture

I think it's cute.
funny and humourous

you will be laugh out loud when you know how
indonesian horrified about pocong, and it's an interseting way
of telling the copy right away..

i will tryto taste the coffee

justpassingby's picture
Activity Score 1368

this is absoloute rubbish, does the brand no good

Rami Qaddoumi's picture
Rami Qaddoumi
Activity Score 214

i think it's scary when look at his Dead face it a bout Coffee!!!!

fractalrene's picture
Activity Score 1504

Too literal man. You can find some other nicer ways to show the coming back to life/reborn thing. Give it a try.

Michael Newman cover's picture
Michael Newman cover

arghh, disgusting.

This is to bizarre for me.
I think I'm going to have a nightmare today.

Guest's picture

i like em. they look like easter bunnies.
and, at the same time, like easter eggs or little presents.
makes me wanna unwrap them.

James Cole's picture
James Cole

In Indonesia, especially Java island, there are some people worshiping an unpeaceful spirit (Pochong/ghost) for an intention to ask for something such as richness, wife, etc. One of their ritual is to give some flower and a cup of coffee for adoration. Thats why they got insomniac because they drink Blandongan Coffe...

Guest's picture

In Indonesia, especially around Java area, it is common to give offerings to the spirits. The offerings usually consisted of cigarettes, 7 different flower petals, a cup of black coffee and incenses.

Basically, what they're trying to say is (more of less) 'Blandongan coffee is so good, if you use that for offerings, the spirits will love it and won't leave eventhough the sun is already shining'.

And no, This ad is not disrespectful to moslems in Indonesia. If any feel offended by this ad, they should try to watch 'POCONG' the movies.

AndrewCoven's picture

some javanese (most of indonesian are javanese) always give homage to
the spirit who dwell in big tree or big stone or in sacred cemetery, etc.
They give the spirit cigarette, coffee, specific flower, and also make a
specific aroma which spirit likes by burning specific incense. and the well known spirit is this ghost. the corpse covered by white clothes, as moslem does to the dead before they got burried. the cotton on the nose is one of the ritual.

This coffee can wake the dead spirit up. usually ghost wake up in the night and fall asleep in the morning. By drinking this coffee, the gost can't sleep event the sun is comming

chocoplay's picture

i think this ad only have an insight for indonesia culture actualy javanese. it is not world culture or issue (this is ads of the world dude..) If you want to publish it.. it could be worth when you describe about background and culture on it..
but nice try an... :)

aancool's picture
Activity Score 90

so... why dont we make a local issue into int issue? klo gak gitu kapan lg kt dikenal? apa kt harus jadi penonton terus? kenalin donk budaya kita... halah...

tuh, andrew coven has explained the background/rationale

chocoplay's picture

that what im talking about, kalo mau ngenalin harus bikin perkenalannya. deskripsi atau apalah.. kalo cm njelasin "ini gambar baju, ini gambar pohon" itu mah anak SD prancis tau, tapi begroun dibalik itu.. tapi komen dibawah ini sudah menjelaskan kok.. lanjut an.. :)

mataula's picture

In Indonesia, especially around Java area, it is common to give offerings to spirits. It's also common to eat monkey brain and to throw head-sized rocks at your chosen 7 year old woman when you're in courtship. Then, we drink coffee and praise the spirits for good brain of our chosen one. After eating it with whole family we drink coffee and eat a couple of cigarettes and family members. Then we throw rocks to please the spirits. We then must make love with coffee on our pocongs make love last longer.

That's why i like this ad, also because agency is only a pocong's throw away from the place i have eat my very first cigarette.

Sorry for my english, indonesian... :)

rokkinz's picture

yg pasti juri pinasthika dah kenalan!ya ga col?!(*mungkin sesuai target utamanya..;)& menghasilkan hasil yg maximal..he..

*mencoba mengenalkan bahasa indonesia ke kancah internasional..wedew...


ema's picture

yes, it is very cultural ads...we need to explain it, as international ads this ads may not understandable. But this product is local product so if im not mistake thats why the ads agency made it with "local" taste. As a person who know blandongan very well i immediately understand this ads and laugh...
just for you to know (maybe not too important) ....this coffee very strong, great taste and the place we call it warung is very traditional....the price ? only 1500 IDR - 2000 IDR (1 USD = about 9500 IDR and a day without this coffee made me have a headache...its very addictive :p and nothing can compare with blandongan coffee, can call me that :D. can read about blandongan at
and i must say bravo srengenge....and congrats!!!