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offensive and stupid

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capton john
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What is the idea ?

sorry man ! I didn't understand idea.

Think, Act, Invent.

Think, Act, Invent.

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Sorry. A little too edgy.

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Too edgy??? What are you on?

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Too edgy?, this ad is bad, and old.

Jonathan Betancur

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Oh its old now? Zafra, you are sad...
But please enlighten me and let me in on your secret. Where have you seen it before?

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baffled, are these your ads, man?... it seems so!!!
why you´re SO passionate about them??????
let people say what they want and just give YOUR opinion, buddy!!!
All of your comments are barking at other people´s opinion, and still you didn´t give even ONE good reason why you think these are so brilliant.
If you adore them, FINE, but other people don´t, that´s all, period!

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Offensive,very offensive!
The indian third eye thing(the red spot on the forehead) is for women ONLY.
You may want to do a little research before you do an ad next time.

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Yes the red is only for women but blue is sometimes for man..

But it's absolutely a stupid ad

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BEWARE, baffled will be mad at you two, tool and wednesday... he wants everyone to love these and nobody can say the contrary.

see, baffled, that´s what i was talking about.
people don´t like these ads, man. period.

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i just like em thats all. Its a good concept and nice execution. Regardless of red and blue dots. Lame comments from a bunch of hacks who never did anything worth mentioning but who see themselves as master judges of creativity. Hahaha. I think this will win some awards, and even if it only makes a shortlist, its still more than you hacks can put together in a lifetime. PERIOD.

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PERIOD... bunch of hacks... master judges... etc etc... yeah yeah, i got it.

Let's do something:

if this campaign wins some awards (and i mean the ones that matter, not the local ones), "some awards", in plural like you're saying, i'll personally buy you one of each beer these guys sell in that pub. Which means I'll buy you 131 beers.

If you lose, nothing will happen at all
(except that we wi..... oh no, we can't do that, hahahahaha).


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no, baffled i think we all aknowledge YOU are the only master judge of creativity here, since you have "10 years in the biz and also some jury duty behind you".
shut up people please, if we try hard enough, perhaps we can learn something from this rare jewel amog us. :)

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hi rocketman, i am with you.
just to complete: notice they ask for more than 200 friends vote 10 to this ads...
and another thing: baffled is here about ONE day, hahahaha.
well, about the ad: i dont like it.

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aaaahahahahahahha hahahahahah hahahah hahahahaaa

one day here but TEN YEARS in advertising, don't you forget that, my dear sold... the voting thing is really "smart", everyone will think it's a winner just because of that

hahah hahahaa hahahahah

oh man, i could really use one a beer now. any beer except for the ones that appear in these ads.
send me a beer, sold!!!!!!!! or rocket!!!! or don draper!!!

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whatever happened to draper? do you think he crashed his car with no air bags? i hope not.
Draper we seriously need those drinks, man, get out of that corner office and lend a hand over here!!!

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draper is on vacation????
it seems we'll have to buy the drinks ourselves, rocket, my friend.

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I cant see why baffled likes this ad so much. If it wins any awards or gets selected, I would loose respect for that competition.

For any Indian, this is totally corny and disrespectful. It also shows how little these people understand others' cultures. Like Christians wear holy water at church, Hindus (not all Indians) wear sandalwood paste, vermillion etc which has been offered to the Gods. It is something which is akin to holy. A beer bottle cap in its place is totally distasteful. It is also not same as the 'bindi' that women wear - which is ornamental.

They wanted to say Kingfisher is Indian beer. Perhaps there is a better way.

~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Anil Uniyal
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Indian priest never do like this think bcz i am an indian priest and also i don't like this type things yaar.

how u do it yaar...

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drunk dave
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Just another boring campaign.. not well shot, simple concept that's still at stage 1. And for those of you who are offended. Get a life. You should be more offended that shit work like this is being produced.

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I don't find these offensive. In fact, the beer company is saying that the beer is made specifically for all people of all cultures. What's so offensive about that?

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Is thr any Idea ? it just an a meaningless artwork !


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teenie what's offensive is that the ppl who made the ads made it obvious that they know very little about these cultures they're talking about.

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teenie, personally i'm not offended either, but of course, we're not from these cultures!
you can read comments from indian people here, for example, and you'll see.
just go through the 4 ads and count the number of thumbs up versus thumbs down...

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