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love this canpaign
won at cannes 2005?

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Nice art direction. but, the problem of the drug is where supposedly it is produced or where really it is consumed? We should see postcards of some European cities also or not?

rito sarria
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I think they choose this postcards because in this countries people go not only to consume but to buy and bring some back to their homes. Some movies have shown that a lot. I think that was the point.

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ok. thats true. but look!

in the pink field said: "Neither buy, nor consume, nor deal with drugs abroad. If you go out of our country, he(she) avoids any contact with the drugs. It can be the beginning of a trip without date of return.
Do not notice of false information according to which other countries are more permissive than Spain in the traffic of drugs or consumption of drugs. Do not agree take charge of equipajes or objects which content you do not know. In case of detention communicate..."

is it completely discriminatory about those countries, don't you think?

ps: sorry about my english.

rito sarria
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The real issue being tackled here is that most Europeans are unaware of the severe punishments in other countries around the world when you use or traffic drugs in and to those countries.
For example, in Holland you can take certain drugs without any legal consequences but it would get you a jail sentence for life in Indonesia. This campaign aims at the people who think that the laws of their country apply everywhere else.
So nothing discriminatory about this campaign, just informing.

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aishiteru's on hit with this one...

the campaign is to discourage european (spanish?) travellers from having anything to do with drugs in other countries. pretty good advice if you ask me.

the aim is to point out how the penalties are much more severe in certain non-european travel destinations and europeans ought to be aware of that... so, clearly, having postcards from european cities would be quite contrary to the message.

as far as it being discriminatory, not so sure... the law bears out that getting caught with an ounce of marijuana in thailand's going to land you in a lot more trouble than in, say, spain. and, if you do get caught, it's always a good idea to contact the consulate as soon as possible. if anything, it's being discriminatory by painting spaniards as a bunch of globe-trotting party people.

btw, their website is ridiculously crappy!

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As far as I know Indian drug laws as not as tight as south east asia.

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@desi ,u get scentence easily for 5-6 yrs remember Rahul mahajan case well its just cops doesn't follow d rules well n 1 more thing to copywriter y choosing my country only

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