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September 2009

Print advertisment created by Fields, Brazil for IESU, within the category: Food.

With such fast delivery, even our Brazilian delivery boys have oriental eyes.

Advertising Agency: Fields, Brazil
Art Director / Illustrator: Lucas Zaiden
Copywriter: Paulo Lima
Creative Director: Fernando Lopes, Pedro Henrique
Photographer: Lucas Zaiden

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wats with Brazil...another racist ad

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Can I be the first to complain about this? Please? ASIAN EYES? WTF?

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exactly WTF?

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Dev Kumar
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Great artwork although a few southeast Asian elements got mixed up in the designs. The standard abstraction of theme restaurant communication here, went a bit far in places but it can be overlooked. Good work.

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Agree. I found elements from Thailand, lol~

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OK, this isn't good.

Few aspects:

- I don't especially like the design. I've seen better collages done. (like the Hanky5 stuff, decades ago)

- No relation between the message it is supposed to deliver and the copy. If the purpose is to be funny, it just ain't.

- I agree that it is racist. Imagine if I was to say something that stereotypes Brazilian people. I'm guessing you wouldn't like it, nor conciser it funny.

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Oh my god... so, having pulled eyes are now “stereotypes“ ? It`s a fact! And they are trying to tell it in a funny way, what`s the problem with you guys ?

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I don´t like it

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I like the illustrations, but please tell me, what's that money doing on the corner here? Instead of a fixed price you've decided to go a little further and invent a new way to translate the cost?

.: look for the green giant on the label :.

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elements from Thailand

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pulled eyes??? that's funny. funny if you're not "oriental." don't get me wrong. i'm not asian but i find it insulting. what's next in advertising? an ad that uses the "n" word to describe black folks?

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Umm... what? I suppose the tagline about Brazilian delivery guys having oriental eyes is supposed to show how fast they're going hence creating the "pulled eyes" effect? Is that it? If it's not, I'm lost.

Overall I think it's a no.