I love Togo

May 2007



We support Togo - the underdogs. During the FIFA World Cup 2006 Finnish National Football Betting launched a campaign to promote their betting product. In that campaign to underdog of the world cup - Togo - was treated as the most adored team of them all.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\PHS, Helsinki, Finnland
Account Executive: Marja Vattulainen
Agency Producer: Pia-Riikka Louna
Art Director: Mikko Torvinen
Content Strategist: Tommi Laiho
Creative Director: Erkko Mannila
Designers: Pinja Korhonen, Joonas Luotonen
Illustrator: Berg Haanpaa Rudkiewicz
Copywriter: Erkko Mannila

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Activity Score 64


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no headline. no concept. and it looks like it was art directed by a two year old. but i am impressed you managed to fit the entire agency on the credits.

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it's grassroots, or pseudograssroots, love for a team. you don't need a concept. you just need enthusiasm. and these have them. sometimes you have to save f-off to high concept. burn bras. support your team. yuke till you puke.

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if my kid did it, i'd pat him on the head and stick it on the fridge. problem is, any kid could have done it. there's nothing smart about these. concept, design or otherwise.

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'Content Strategist'?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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I love to go too!

... its already been done...