July 2006

The BIC Infinity ad is still my favourite BIC ad, but I must say this one is entertaining as well. I love it when an ad tells a whole story. When it kick starts my imagination. It leaves a lasting impression in me and I recall it later in life. Don't miss the tear drops, beautiful final touch to a strong concept.

My Dearest Wife,
I know you're still mad at me for sleeping with your sister, but I can explain...
When you have a lot to write

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Singapore
Creative Director: Steve Straw, Linda Locke
Copywriter: Victor Ng
Art Director: Jon Loke
Photographer: Hon (Shutterbug)
Illustrator: Procolor

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Activity Score 1475

ha very nice

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Activity Score 524

jajajajajajjajaaj nniiiiiiice!!!

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Activity Score 648

hahahaa...Funnny. :D . The tear drops make it even funnier. :-)

Ad Fanatic who hate Rip-Offs...'s picture
Ad Fanatic who ...
Activity Score 58

Like everyone in the world who's doing ads for WWF... Like the Thais who are obsessed with their "Torchlight" ads... And like every ad creatives in Singapore who seems to be doing some work for BIC pens... No offence to everyone, I just don't like the direction of all the BIC ads...

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Loosen up, dude. It's just advertising.

Oh, I like this ad. Funny!

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Cerebrum Conexus
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I love this ad. Good art and really good copy! Well done!

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good but cant he be writing this in the day time where we can see the pen better.

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I m not understand it .It is important to awriter.....what he/she write.why write?

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he had sex with the sister of his wife and says he can explain why he did. That will be a long explanation. and the pen is for long writing

very nice by the way :)