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Activity Score 2592

another j.v.m. that kicks ass! well done

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Activity Score 1142

laugh. funny.
but why don't include a pen inside, perhaps right beside the paper.
or they wish to make the feel that the pen is too valuable and can' leave it anyplace?

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great point...i was wondering the same.

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Activity Score 1047

the thought never entered my head, nor I'm guessing the creatives behind it. what a strange, strange interpretation...

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Activity Score 202

Great campaign, even though it's somehow weird that JvM recently makes award-ads for classical award-clients (LEGO was the last one I spoted here). Who's next? Guiness?! Diesel?

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Activity Score 1042

Not bowled by the idea and looks fake. Why in English when it is done by a german agency in Germany.
Howcome we never see these ads done in local language with translation at the bottom?

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It's in english because it goes to award shows. Not really difficult to translate it anyway.
I really like the campaign.

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Activity Score 60

It may be done by a German, or should I say "Deutsche", agency but that doesn't necessarily mean that the target audience is German. The audience may very well be English or whatever.

Exquisite typography in any case.


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Great idea. Great campaign. Easy to get for people…

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Activity Score 30

good. works for awards and audience.

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Silver, if not gold. Brilliant, brilliant work.

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excellent work. i love it.

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The thinking behind this idea is solid, but doesn't anyne else find it strange that 'More joy of writing' is gramatically wrong?

As for the 'Rocky bit tummy' line...I agree with Desi, these should have been done in German, the translation to English kills the campaign.

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Activity Score 30

ahahah. sweet.