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i think there's something in this, but for some reason i just find it all a bit flat.
cant work out what that reason is though...

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weird, it is a totally irrelevant stuff.

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how is this irrelevant? the father is selling his daughter's horse so he can buy himself this bike. it's even more humorous because someone who can afford a horse in the first place should probably be able to afford this bike. it speaks to the high price - and high quality - of titus bikes.

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where does it tell that the father want to buy that bike? okie...sorry i didn't observe it.
but by the way, it don't work for me.

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for one...that is not a womans bike frame.

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It's confusing because you're trying to figure out why the girl is sad when it seems like she's going to get a new bike. It takes too long. Makes sense only after you hear the father is buying a bike.

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You're absolutely right. Maybe if the girl was in the background and the father given more prominence in the foreground, would help overcome this confusion..

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Not too crazy about the hard edge between the two halves, it almost makes them look like two separate ads.


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i would imagine it looks more natural with the already hard line of the gutter.

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the sadness of the girl actually concerns me!

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Guest commenter

Seriously are you guys all account reps?

The awesomeness of this ad cannot be put into words.

Jonathan Schoenburg, you are my hero.

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This is the same strategy as Harley Davidson's 'completely irresponsible thing to do' campaign but rather more wimpy in execution. HD had a guy putting his wife out to work as a streetwalker to pay for his bike.

Harvey Nics did the 'sacrifice' strat better too with its eating beans for a month approach.

Nice enough, but done and - as other campaigns that have used the same approach have demonstrated - not pushed nearly far enough.