Homeless Polar bear

May 2007
 Homeless Polar bear



You can help. Stop global warming.
Animals around the world are losing their habitats due to climate change. By choosing a hybrid or fuel efficient car, you can help prevent this. Take action right now.

Advertising Agency: EuroRSCG, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director: Marcelo Coutinho
Art Director: Luiz Risi
Copywriter: Leena Yliportimo
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Byte's picture

Very pretty campain, but done before.
Same visual, I think for Latinspots contest.

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postman's picture

This one is good - more realistic than it seems, maybe.

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bright rhino's picture

Do the creatives realise that this visual actually comes across as humorous? Yet the copy is so serious. The executional tone is just really off if they truly want to deliver a serious message.

bright rhino
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Art Director
LJ's picture

i agree it may come across as humorous, but i guess they have done it to attract the reader's attention making it look funny and then make them realise that its a serious problem. at least thats the impression i get :).

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LJ's picture

i like this ad best from the three, although the polar bear looks a little too big in proportion to the it sposed to be that big? i really like the artwork of this ad, very attractive.

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tiborplus's picture

the problem with all these well-intentioned social campaigns is, that nobody won't change his attitude because of a nice little print ad. Unfortunately advertising for that huge problem is not the right medium.

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muji's picture

I like the campaign but not the execution, animals are not in proportion and the lighting is to artificial. Also the art direction is quite old fashion.

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jmcho's picture

maybe it's the coloring of the ad that adds to the humor. i keep focusing on that instead for some reason.

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Sally's picture

I like to whole campaign. Different approach to the subject. Really beautiful and real. And appealing, which makes it so different from other social campaigns.

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Christina's picture

like it! this is advertising! effective.

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teenie's picture

It feels too first idea for me. No habitat = homeless = baglady (or bagman, as the case may be). Animals who lose their habitats will die, not relocate.

If you're trying to get people to change their behavior, best to make that the focal point of the ad campaign. If you want me to buy a more fuel-efficient car, don't show me a polar bear living in an alley. Show me the benefits of buying a fuel-efficient car. Tell me I can make small changes in my life that result in big changes for animals. Explain the savings to me that will help save the world.

This is way off base for me.

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spacecadetglow's picture

i like the idea, but i think it would be better executed if the polar bear was somewhere cold, such as a walk-in freezer at a restaurant or an ice chest in someone's basement, etc., not just "homeless" on the streets.
i also agree with bright rhino concerning the seriousness of the ad.

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Kirvo's picture

padėt gal ir galėtumėm, bet šiluma kaip sakoma - kaulų nelaužo

Alejav's picture

Could someone help me to find the original ad?
This one it's a exactly wwf campaing that I have seen before but I can't find it now. It is using like an original ad in Ecuador for the agency called "La Facultad" it's just a shame and they doesn't deserve the credit for this.
Thanks to all!

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