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Ivan, I think we should have a category under which we could display well known popular brands of the world doing down right ridiculous ads. Were these really published? The marketing team of Heinz must have been in 'VAVA' Land while giving final approval to these. Ivan, on the positive side it is interesting to know that such ads also survive in parts of the world.
Excuse me if i am a bit too harsh...just couldn't help it.


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All ears
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There's merit in the idea. It's just executed badly.

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this kind of ads are bound to drive you up the wall

Strike two stones with one bird

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Mandla N
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Ivan, I think you should grade work this is embarassing to the whole industry WTF is happening to the world?

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I think the rating system kinda tells people what the audience here thinks of this ad. My only issue is I can't rate it lower than 1.

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I had absolutely no idea what this meant until i saw the others. Terrible.

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Sometimes i thing Ivan post such ads just to show the rest of us that theres still people who are not yet as as good as we are

Strike two stones with one bird

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Terrible, because it's meaningless without the rest of the campaign.
But, because I'm twisted, I just love the notion of a completely insane fried egg.
Look at that thing! It is literally climbing the walls!

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I agree there is marit in the idea, it's not done well. The egg thing is silly but not silly enough.

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I think there is merit in this idea. Hell, its a NEW idea, not like most of the tired, seen-it-done-it ads so prevalent on this site. Think about this.... where else have you seen an egg driven mad by desire for beans? Are we not in the industry of creative ideas?