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April 2010


Print advertisement created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Puerto Rico for Head & Shoulders, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Puerto Rico
Creative Director: Juan Carlos Rodríguez
Associate Creative Director: José Vallecillo
Art Directors: Cristina Burckhart, Alfredo Ledesma
Copywriter: Madeline Hidalgo
Retouch: Ian Carlos Reyes, Carlos Nieves
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kergu's picture

jmmm... ok pueden pensar que el copy está de mas... pero uno bueno nunca está de mas..

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tortis24's picture

yo la entiendo sin copy, pero creo que no le vendría mal uno

Activity Score 160
romit's picture

El problema aca es que la caspa parece sudor. Incluso si el producto nos hace ver que es caspa, toma un poco de tiempo notarlo.

Activity Score 17
Alusta's picture

Not sure how no one realised that it just looks like sweat.
Unless of course that's the idea. Then it's just bad.

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Adaddicted's picture

english please...
and NO to this one

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Art Director |


Wordnerd's picture

lame. the visual isn't strange so people won't get a spyglass to realize it's not sweat. and even if they do it's lame

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perromalo's picture

I think the boxing one is easier to understand. Still like it.

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Creative Director at Mateo&co
Dzsoi's picture

Totally agree, the boxer / box glove could mean the shampoo there, hence 'fight dandruff', but football is not about aiming heads with the ball. Fail here, other is good.

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Copywriter at junior copywriter
atb2005's picture

It's true that you don't aim footballs at heads (though it's not completely impossible to get hit in the head with a ball). This, however, is about the impact, not about the manner in which it is administered. So it's not a total fail.

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guru84's picture

thought is nice..
but not convincing..

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pwucel's picture

Take one kilometer before you reach... correct? It can be sweat, it can be special effect but never be a dandruff... someone who is sweating in any event there is no dandruff fall in this way. It will stick to the scalp. Thanks

For execution its fine.

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Art Director at LinsAd (Singapore)
Guest's picture

Si....definitivamente no le vendría nada mal un poco de Copy, algo que fuera sumamente creativo y explicara que no es sudor, que es Caspa.

fersvax's picture

No creés que el producto hace esa labor?

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Art Director |


Guest's picture

El copy lo tiene el producto dejen la mamadera ya. En el mercado donde se produjo el arte todos saben que hace.

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