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smart way of depiction. i like it.

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billy Hill

Wow, I mean W-O-W!

Genius. And with such a huge media budget at risk this is really,really brave.

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Can someone please explain?

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the shot is nice, (but that guy looks like he is 12)..find that kinda weird...but if i were a tatoo parlor, the last thing i would want to advertise is the fact that what i do is extremely painful to my customers....everyone knows getting a tatoo is painful, i agree..but to clearly say that i dont think is smart at all...this doesnt say anything about the style of tatoos they give, how do i know that i like what they design?...this needs more work..

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Seriously, didn't everybody do this in their photoshop 101 classes??? I mean, this is totally unoriginal; and I RARELY bash ads for not being original. Not that it's not well done, but just seems like something you do as soon as you learn how to use the mask tool.

Culture In Ads:

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david von

Looks like you have learnt how to criticise even before you learnt photoshop.

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I don't get these ads did the tatoo hurt so much his body got twisted, or did he tatoo his face on the back of his head ?
Probably the last one I guess (which is pretty cool when you think of it, but really unclear and hard to get)
Cool photos though.

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the point is that the tattoo so or is done that you can paint it a
face in the part of back of the head and seems that you have the
turned around face, the same in the knees or the belly.

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If it was better executed, the idea would be clear

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aaaaaaaaa wong not likey taatoooooooooo

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I like the positioning of "Realistic Tattoos" just seems like this idea could have much better executions. These feel like a first idea.

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apik om... petakumpet menyerbu dunia maya nih.. senang wonderland bisa ikut gabung disini. :)

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oops, sorry. i mean: gook

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What are these people smoking? This is advertising?
A normal person wouldnt understand anything

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no name

apa hubungan nya ama tatto sih???? kuping kok kebalik????
percuma aja orang2 awam gak ngerti analoginya dr visual tersebut bahkan buat org2 advertising sekalipun....hanya tebak2 aja paling, cm loe aja yg tau broer....make a simple ad dont push people think hard bro, life is hard enough...hahahaha!!!

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tapa tuk apa nat tatto sih, yg tau orang dr kebalik kwak wuly qwok, nyger plys suk may kok? hahahaha! ;o o==B

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These are so subtle - almost too subtle. You'd only get them if you had more than 10 seconds to catch a glimpse. I'd have made it a tad more obvious (perhaps bending the knees a bit in the second execution).

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the copyfighter

what a holly damn job ded!!! huahahahaha i think u just pinasthika specialist...

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Everybody can understand the ad as soon as they see the ears. Good Job.

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well in indonesia tatoo is often connected with crimes,
this ad tryin to overturn such stigma, i suppose,
it only works for its audience, nothing else