Big Bang, Red

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January 2008

Advertising Agency AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil

Print advertisment created by BBDO, Brazil for Havaianas, within the category: Fashion.

Learn how to color with your feet.

Creative Director: Marcello Serpa
Art Directors: Danilo Boer, Marcos Kotlhar
Copywriter: Tales Bahu
Illustrator: Gelmi

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designer10's picture
Activity Score 50

Beautiful work!!!! As always AlmapBBDO kicks ass!!!

consolidated.db's picture
Activity Score 545

Yeah!! Right on!! Maybe if you open up even more, they'll put it all inside you!

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Activity Score 40


phoamcor's picture
Activity Score 1284



Did you have to upload all of them?

FarFromFlorida's picture
Activity Score 104

useless and absolutely no idea. Go to some design-forum if you want praise, because there is no good advertising in this campaign what so ever. Just design,, and no clever communication.

By the way - why are we seeing the same execution 6 times (only with some minor change in headline). Boring.

picopalqlea's picture
Activity Score 999

weon picao!!!

JGCreative's picture
Activity Score 58

I disagree,

What working on two continents has taught me is that a good design some times does more that a great ad.
reason being is that its the same what iPod+iTunes does, show the product and create a hype, The hype translate into brand recognition which then turns into sales. Being an art director has also taught the value of good design and this has all the elements. I would just tighten the ledding on the letter and voila ! :-) Well done.

ODoyle's picture
Activity Score 260

LOL! yeah so true... go to some design forum with these man there's no idea here whatsover just pretty colours...

daniel_glezmilan's picture
Activity Score 284

It looks great in my Dekstop!!!
thanks almap

dragon's picture
Activity Score 113

Marcelo the greatest.

R. Rinaldi's picture
R. Rinaldi
Activity Score 686

The previous campaign was much better. Next.

Tiago Canada's picture
Tiago Canada
Activity Score 32

You don't need a "idea" to actually have an idea. I love this ads idea! And buddy it sells...


ramosraf's picture
Activity Score 115

This is nothing....

R. Rinaldi's picture
R. Rinaldi
Activity Score 686

You are ....

Knolex's picture
Activity Score 121

Did anyone who complained read the copy?

consolidated.db's picture
Activity Score 545

Did anyone who praised look at the ad?

tangara's picture
Activity Score 14

who sad that we can`t use grapic design in advertising and it looks good because it just looks good? Did it have to be always trick or smarty...or some bullshit else?

It impacts, doesnt need nothing more.

Ravages's picture
Activity Score 842

Great art. IMO, that line is unnecessary.

amit parekh's picture
amit parekh
Activity Score 283

looking nice..good exucation

R. Rinaldi's picture
R. Rinaldi
Activity Score 686

Bad spelling.

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Activity Score 194

djakuza's picture
Activity Score 517

toooooo many motives for such a boring idea....

funky_frogii's picture
Activity Score 2538

love anything creative

Infected by a virus called CREATIVE | "And ya I Love Everything" |

getconnected2001's picture
Activity Score 987

Brilliant art, whole campaign simply wow!

reactor's picture
Activity Score 294

Great appreciation is due when someone can take a mundane, boring product like a Havai-slipon and make it this brilliant and appealing! Who says that all ads have to have great copy? Try writing an overwhelming piece of copy for this product. The majority will feel-`Come on give me a break- it is only a rubber slipon- dont feed me more crap`.For a product like this,`heavy duty`copy can come across as overbearing or overselling. Here they have made it colourful with very good art direction and some simple and light copy for the TG.The largest markets for this product is where language can be a problem like Asia,The Middle East and the Far East.Copy can loose its Zip in translation and interpretation.
ONE OF THE BEST ADS I HAVE SEEN FOR A PRODUCT LIKE THIS.(i myself have done quite a few ads for similar products)
I agree with JGCreative and Tiago.
Have a great day friends!


Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

this is fabulous!

contrary to some campaigns which start with brilliant idea and fade with every next step, this keeps on going really strong.
first they built a strong brand with totally recognizable look and they just keep reinforcing it. and every time they do it nicely and consistently.
why the hell should they discover quantum physics every time? sticking to things that work is sometimes more important than discovering something new.

art is so nice it really doesn't need a copy. it's got strong message already. tone of voice bang-on. relevance bang-on. product is the hero. nice to look at.
what more do you want?

FarFromFlorida's picture
Activity Score 104

If this as much as gets shortlisted in Cannes, I swear to God, I'll burn down the festival palais!

Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

than check some of the things that got Clio. you'll see why festivals are such crap.

sp101's picture
Activity Score 137

please come up with something new!

Calibarak's picture
Activity Score 302

Have fun

caju's picture
Activity Score 123

Si esta pieza no fuera de Almap, ni de Havaianas, tendría tantos aplausos?
Son 6 avisos idénticos. que están bonitos pero tampoco. Creo que hay que tener un poco más de criterio.

theanc's picture
Activity Score 2783

Really really beautiful but I think copy is unecessary and this is not really a ad. This looks like a poster or a fashion billboard.


banane's picture
Activity Score 54

Just beautiful.
Fashion advertising works like this. A perfect beauty without content.
Good job.

dcgroppo's picture
Activity Score 239

Everything just because is Marcello Serpa... c'mon, is the same thing as always and now with bad text.

strongbone's picture
Activity Score 107

gd design & art direction, no idea & only fr single, no campaign!

Ombligo's picture
Activity Score 6

Marcelo, esta genial, siempre logras impresionarme mas!!!
Gracias por inspirarnos a hechar para delante.

Frank Ordoñez,DR.

zmekyus's picture
Activity Score 120

it looks great but i agree its the only thing about this ad...theres no message...just great artwork...

blueturtles's picture
Activity Score 239

flip flops are boring, but havaianas has come up with a way to make it interesting by adding color. ads are saying exactly that. they've made the flip flop into art. good job guys.

to all you critics, come works for the target. there is a concept. look harder.

iamcreative's picture
Activity Score 262

It looks great. But the idea is already done.

AERC's picture
Activity Score 61

Comun!!!! always the same!!!....great art dirección whithout an idea!!!....