Behave, Jacket

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September 2011

Print advertisment created by Y&R, United Arab Emirates for Harvey Nichols, within the category: Retail Services.

This jacket is now jointly owned by three men.
Sale Harvey Nichols

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Dubai, UAE
Creative Directors: Shahir Zag, Kalpesh Patankar
Copywriter: Shahir Zag
Art Director: Kalpesh Patankar
Planner: Nadine Ghossoub
Photographer: James Day
Agency Producer: Amin Soltani

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No. This does nothing but imply that the brand is STILL too expensive for one person -- even after prices have been marked down. I'm aware that the brand is cheekily luxurious, but it leaves a bad air of elitism here. (Particularly since the clothing is tattered and destroyed from the "joint" ownership.)

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Not as good as it has been lately.

jh6969's picture
Activity Score 37

They fought over it in the store, then they all had to pay for ripping it. Get it?

jeph's picture
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If you had to explain it to me, then you've had to explain it to one too many people. Simple as that.

cvchitale's picture
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thrz no option for 1/4th star :(

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what are You talking about? Have You ever thought upon any kind of metaphor? This here says (as always HN says) that "sale" will make people crazy. Even crazy to fight and the brand aware of that fact suggests that it will be better if customers would behave. That's all.
It's beautifully crafted btw.
No breakthrough here, but solid HN campaign.

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Frankly, it doesn't come across quickly enough. We can argue on that point all we want; but at the end of the day, if a reader from this site doesn't get it immediately, I'd wager your average consumer might struggle with it as well.

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Really like the "behave" line.

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Activity Score 498

Lacking the subtlety of some previous Harvey Nichols campaigns.

jhicken's picture
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Works better for women, not necessarily a male stereotype.

creative.vibes's picture
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some of their work before was much better...the idea is done but at first glace its eye catching.

creative.vibes's picture
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agree with jamesrothenburg loved the line "behave"