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February 2011

Print advertisment created by Y&R, Argentina for Hard Rock Cafe, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

There´s a story behind every song.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Buenos Aires, Argentina
General Creative Director: Martín Mercado
Creative Director: Demian Veleda
Art Director: Damian Garofalo
Copywriter: Silvio Caielli
Illustrators: Damian Garofalo, Hugo Orita, Ignacio Valicenti

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Bwaltman's picture
Activity Score 3

This ad is exploitative and sick. Shameful for everyone involved.

Shawali's picture
Activity Score 8442

This one powerful ad. Visually and emotionally.

But I don't know if it's a right fit for what is only a restaurant...

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

demian veleda's picture
demian veleda
Activity Score 8

Shawali tks for the coment
but I think that it is noy only a resto,
it's like a museum of rock and a resto.

Billoughsby's picture
Activity Score 5144

Yessir. But as you said, what an emotional wallop this packs. It's stunning. Not many ads you can say that about, not even the most willfully weepy pro bono stuff.

That's it.

elyoshiro's picture
Activity Score 546

so cool

saumya's picture
Activity Score 244

like I mentioned, great work!

ad loving mad creative. find me on desicreative.

tebbear's picture
Activity Score 59

this is so powerful it gave me the chills

ronstr's picture
Activity Score 140

Fantastic story showed sooo powerfull. gave me the chills as well. Also the Beatles ad. About the HRC sender; doesnt really matter that it is only a restaurant, it feels almost like a sponsorship to great Rock history. Absolutely love it

ronstr's picture
Activity Score 140

oh wow, there was the Marley ad as well, what a feast for the eye and mind!

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Activity Score 33


ace85le's picture
Activity Score 3935

Very powerful. The song kept playing in my head through out the 'movie'. Kudo.


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Bwaltman's picture
Activity Score 3

This ad is exploitative and sick. Shameful for everyone involved.

vidya.shankaran's picture
Activity Score 724

Mind say the least

reamund11's picture
Activity Score 4

this is sick. this is a real, live human being's tragedy bestowed upon the walls of a corporate representation of "rock and roll" so they can make $15 off a hamburger and call themselves "artistic." there are so many other wonderful songs to explore the origins of that don't exploit the death of a child - a little compassion and common sense would have served this restaurant - a RESTAURANT! - well.

Milan Solanki's picture
Milan Solanki
Activity Score 994

see mother's pride's ad and learn how this kind of ads are done

marandalingerie7's picture
Activity Score 3

Its Owsum..