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nice Vzual

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same same but different

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You ever been to Indonesia?

Disco Munky
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Doin' it for the points

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nice idea, beautiful visual, good work guys!!!

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... bored

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too simple..

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simple! boy! isn't that the essence of communication? i'm sure you didn't mean that...

instinctive tra...
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Whether or not it has been done, keep in mind the average consumer has not seen or will not remember its previous appearance (as a person in advertising would). I think it's a great ad that the consumer can get easily and even smile at. Everyone wants to understand an ad, and that makes them feel more comfortable with it. This one succeeds on all levels. Good work.

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Fk Mikenj
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Just keep in mind that not even one consumer will see this ad.

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done for the first time in 1997 by Dentsu INC., it won a gold worldmedal at new york festivals, only instead of helmets, the theeth were pieces of garlic, but it was almost the same image (black background and stuff).

el rey del pan ...
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which makes this the same.... how?

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If it was garlic then i believe they were not selling the same bennefit...

Thiago Aranha
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Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet...

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nice one

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wow, i was reading the comments and, after seeing 'lamz's' remark about being too simple, i thought back to every article i've ever read about great work in any annual i've ever picked up and thought to myself how lame lamz is.

your mind is too simple, simpleton.

"I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex."

—Oscar Wilde

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-1st.. its still morning and I'm still sipping on my simple yet strong coffee..
I was just checking new comment and there you go..

-2nd.. you don't know me..

-3rd you ignored all the -clearly obvious-remarks HATING this ad, and you choose to attack me..

-4th I am always nice in my remarks, never attacking.. all I said was -too simple- didn't offend any one, maybe I like it for that, you'll never know..
Mr. attackherton!

so.. who is simple mind & lame in here!!
thank you ; )

and I adore simple pleasures too.. I'm an artist 1st..

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and yeah.. who are you any way..?!

I went through your comments you just attack everybody..
and you use a fake name every time.. ; D impressive!

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It's the same resource, using teeth like objects, pretend they are teeth by placing them on a black background.. matter of fact there's another one made with guitar picks for a "black music festival".

el rey del pan ...
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sendodyne need to get a better marketing guy.

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Like it, but... from which year is this?

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I love the visual. Minimal but can be grasp easily.

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Feel like I've seen this about 1000 times before.

Sure, it does the job, but it's hardly 'inspiring' now is it?

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it exists :(
Que lástima que no se de una pasada por las piezas mundiales y se de cuenta que esa pieza ya existe.

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concept there and good but visual no. i've never seen it though.

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nice thought i enjoyed it.............

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i have saw this idea before.

wong wing
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i think to the consumer this is kinda cool.

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Even if its a rip off, still looks dandy.

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== Bring back fags, lard and the biff.

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Overkill. Too many ideas've been done this way.

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Overkill. Too many ideas've been done this way.

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Similiar executions done to death does not mean that it's done before. When will you juniors understand that. A great creative can tell the difference between an execution and an idea, and give it merit on the idea.

Someone did the same exution with 'garlic' does not mean it's done before.

This is a relevant, original, and stunningly simple idea. I've not seen it in my lifetime.

The Consumer
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thr was one ad with white glasses of milk(instead of hats).. for a toothpaste brand... done by saatchi...

cant remember the brand though..

think it picked up some metal

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thr was one ad with white glasses of milk(instead of hats).. for a toothpaste brand... done by saatchi...

cant remember the brand though..

think it picked up some metal

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OMG will these tooth ads never stop??? There should be a punishment for making a tooth ad and publishing it!!!!

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ever heard of the "sick-of-it" song?
singing it right now.
loudly and resolute.

♥ get lost ad f...
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done, almost the same... but it's different and very good

Jr junior
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It will works.

Shekh Imran
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they are up ok but down???

they cant protect ma teeth...

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