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rip off from the wonderbra ad. bite.

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Its not a rip off, its a parody.

I think its fun. Nice role reversal.

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yes... i agree with you Justin

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haha, smart swicthing. it give stronger impression if i saw one of them first then the next one.

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agree with Justin

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Activity Score 18

but nice logo [:p]

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Dalbir Singh
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and guys, lemme know if you wanna buy the product, you might even get a discount ;)

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Activity Score 230

I think the head look extreamly unproportion,the body look oversized. I like the parody of it, it really get my attention and its cool.

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Activity Score 26

as bad as the original

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Maybe the girl should have had bigger tits since it is somehow linked to wonderbra?

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have you checked the URL? I did. And I am 99% sure that this ad (?) is not theirs. I mean he idea is still nice, but it is obviously a scam ad in this form. It should not appear among real ads i think.

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i agree

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frederic royer
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leave advertising to the professionnals.

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such as the ones who can spell professional.

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Penis enlarger? I had to see how big i would look in those hands. Like a preschooler Im guessing.

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Must be admashup or something. Funny though but my guess is that this is student work. Very well done student work.

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Boony wants a beer
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I think the original stunk and so does this.

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How come everybody is agreeing that it's a spoof of Wonderbra. I think it's a copy of Wonderbra. The idea lies in the 'big hands'. Just by changing the product/sex, it does not become a spoof.

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they're not just copying the big hands idea.
this is a spoof because it obviously copies the wonderbra ad in every detail, even the look of the logo is the same.

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amit parekh
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k good ..but i want to tell u about your idea ..y u copy to wonderbra?

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Reminds me of Scary Movie.

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Sometimes "copying" is not "copying".
Knowing the wonderbra idea makes this one even stronger to me.
But i guess I'm a bit alone with that opinion.