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this kinda sucks...especially considering its an ad agencies ad.

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The agency should turn the guns on themselves.'s picture
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Its actually for an advertising course, not an ad for the agency. if you read the copy at the bottom.

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this is fun and cool, and why cant most of you morons take this as a fun ad and get on with life. Seriously. And most of the jerks don't event take the time to read the ad before posting comments about how bad it is. Coming from the industry, there have been many times i wish i had a gun at those meetings with clients! so this is a tongue-in-cheek ad for a training course. Nice job ya'll! :o)
Lance K Muller

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absoloutley fooking brilliant

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Take 'guns of the world'. Scan one page, photoshop in your agency logo and you have an ad.
Too forced.

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should an ad considered great if it has been made through complicated process?
we are not rocket scientists. Life's not easy, why make it harder?

No offense ... ;p

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the text was too small but after getting to read the copy then yea its a funny ad :) good job :)

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Cool idea...the headline should have something to do with ad people interests, the reason i'm saying this, my first reaction was "not for me, i'm not interested in guns" when in actual fact, it's a cool idea...

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is real ad life!
ja ja ja
Today i want to use the "Kalashnikov AK47"

As -cyrusmuller- said, you should read firts, then post.

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instinctive tra...
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It's the headline. Could it have been something to the effect of 'make them an offer they can't refuse' or something? Right now it's rather flat.

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Loosing the the present headline means loosing the origianlity of the ad, it suppose to look like a "gun-freak" poster that hang on the wall. But Kettleandmug is right, the copy doesn't capture attention. May be this explain why Desi said it's a little bit forceful to spoof the "Gun Poster" as an in-house ad. I remember (was it volkswagen or volvo) has a similar kind of an ad, "Tanks of The World" in it one of the tank is a Volkswagen/Volvo car. That is a good example :)

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yeah, needs a headline. the funny bits are too small and far in the copy.

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visual: hand grenade
ideal for: those who think this one sucks

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I love this ad.. I can feel the power in my hands. You needit when?

Arnold Santillan

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me thinks
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Like it.

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guns are used for killed idea not as a weapon for creatives

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I think this is very funny. It has that "look closer" thing going on.

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i liked it too
atleast it is different from we see now a days