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what is this? it's so fast the fridge (guitar, ...) that was on the trunk fell off?

looks good at least

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Yeah. Somehow I'm missing the point here. Nice art direction though.

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Nah, it's nothing to do with the trunk man. Someone plugged in his Guitar/tv into the car ..and then someone drove the car away while the stuffs were still plugged in....( or may be it's him..forgot to unplug).

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im going to buy this passat because of the 230V power outlet. I don't neet a separate supplier for my home then.

i miss the point here completely. The experience of VW passat doesn't lie in one 230V outlet. Maybe for my hair dryer or shaver?
The Art Direction is ok, however the items look too clean and computer generated. I can't see any crispy details.

wish i could read the brief for this ad

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Activity Score 535

VW will never allow this brief.

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This is the problem, they are trying to sell a car that here in south africa costs R250 000 by highlighting the fact that it comes with a power outlet! Sure the communication gets the point across that you can have it with a power outlet, but is it really gonna make you rush to the closest dealership, run up to the salesman and proudly say - "I'll have two of those cars with the power thingy please!" don't think so.

we need to see the brief for this.

Like the simplicity of the communication, just don't think its got any merit in what it is advertising.

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i mean i could be wrong but the brief could be something like:
"do something for the art directors annual. anything."

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Or, this set of ads is only one part of a On request-concept.

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or they got the logo all wrong and its supposed to be
a social concept.. "fasten your guitars and fridges, save
german streets."

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Boony wants a beer
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As strange as it may seem (and it would be very very weird to me if I'm right) but maybe the brief was to specifically advertise that these VWs come with a 230 volt power outlet. Seems like an extremely weak selling proposition, but if that's accurate, then the creative is actually pretty good. And very nicely crafted.

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Seit wann schließt man eine Gitarre an eine Steckdose an? Goldideen finde ich ja absolut ok. Aber drei Doppelseiten für eine Steckdose in einem Auto? Das kann nicht ernst gemeint sein, oder?


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Doich sprechen nein...

english please mate.

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Ok. What I was trying to say is: I have never heard of someone who plugs his guitar in a 230-V-Power-Outlet. My guitar is plugged in an amp.
I like ideas which are apparently made for award shows. That's alright, but three 2/1 ads for a 230-V-Power-Outlet in a car? They must be kidding...

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i am missing the point ,anthoer computer generated work

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i think the idea is it's 230 V is so cool that you'd want your home appliances to be run by it.

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I don't get it, and if I get it right what they are trying to say it is bad idea. Another one of those all image ads.

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This one is just wrong... the fact that the car has a power outlet has nothing to do with an electric guitar. You don't need power for an electric guitar, you need an amplifier! In such case, it should be an amp hangin' from the car, not a guitar. Makes no sense, unless the car has a built in amplifier too, hahaha. The VW Marshall!

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guiding light
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what a scam. great art direction though.

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If it's not a scam, good on the client for briefing something other than performance, comfort, fuel economy or style (or all of the above). And good on the agency for making it look cool. Anyone's guess if it works or not.

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good art direction, but I don't get it...

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phew you guys drive a hard bargain. You can't take advertising so seriously... I think the ads are unusual and therefore a bit refreshing. And i love the idea of being able to go...say... camping and be able to plug a bar fridge in to keep my drinks/beers cold!!

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some ads


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For a special-feature campaign this is pretty solid. However, I think these ads would work much better with objects that fit more to "on the road/traveling" (a laptop for example).

The one with the guitar sucks entirely, because you plug a guitar into an amp - and not directly into a power-outlet.

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I believe what the ad's trying to say is, since the car has a power outlet, you're going to use it to plug in appliances and electronics. And you'll forget to unplug them before you take out the car. Am i right?