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g-spot? come's gotta be award season.

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A few years ago I was trying to write for guitars, and my CD just kept killing all of my lines, which were very much in the same vein as these, so I'm criticising based on my experience. These are too shallow. It depends on the guitar, for example, Martin would never use these lines. And there are some great guitar ads out there. Using the whole sex angle is a little trite. "Playing guitar will get you laid". Everyone knows that, and my advice would be to do something that goes well beyond that simple selling proposition. I'll try and find the link to a specific ad for Gibson, that had a guy in a suit and tie jumping a fence in a wide open field while a cop car could be seen in the far, far distance. The line was 'tell your story'. Beautiful.

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yo, paulyG

i'm thinking you missed something here.
"Playing guitar will get you laid"?

these lines say the opposite. a guitar in many ways is better than a woman.

the lines are simple & smart. it's
just enough for the audience to buy into it.


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Well, I appreciate your comments, but it's not saying that a guitar is better than a woman. It's making references to sex. Hence, guitars get you laid. Find the G-spot in your ear? or in your girlfriend's ear?

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Oh, and I'm not saying they're bad ads or lines. Having tried my hand at writing for guitars, I know that they are very hard products to write lines for. THe other lines are better than this one. THis is the only one that I think needs to really be reworked. LIke I said above, Martin, Fender, Gibson would not sell guitars this way. Perhaps this guitar company would use these tactics. But most guitar companies want their lines to evoke a feeling or emotion of what it's truly like to play their guitars. Much like Harley Davidson strives to write lines that put you in the seat of their bikes.

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"Playing guitar will get you laid"

Hot damn! Why didn't you tell me earlier!!!

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Sharp. Or is that G-sharp?

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playing guitar is as enjoyable as getting laid

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what? okay, the line isn't that bad if you give it a different meaning, but i think the writer had some other thoughts going on there...well me it could have a biological meaning if you twist it...girls like guys that play the guitar so turn it around and say:

i found my girls g-spot...if you want to keep it sexual and here i agree with pauly g

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that line blew my mind. nice one and pls lets have some line that has g-strings in it.tx
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