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July 2009

Print advertisment created by JWT, Romania for Greenpeace, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Scala JWT, Bucharest, Romania
Creative Director: Mihai Cojocaru
Art Director: Virgiliu Andone
Photographers: Virgiliu Andone, Aron Balazs
Creative Catalyst: Angela Teodorescu
Copywriter: Andreea Dragomir

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OMG. so bad.... what do u mean by the Water's Mask? is it a Romanian saying? if so, the ad still doesnt work. it looks more like an assignment on Photoshop 101. sorry guys

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Dev Kumar
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Harnessing Tsunamis and cyclones for power, eh? Is this fella Andreea Dragomir nuts??? Is this anywhere near an analogy? NO, it isn't. How on earth could a JWT writer concieve of something as stupid as this??? How could such nonsense find their way out of a JWT office even if it's in a place like Romania? This is one bloody hell of a joke.

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Surely it's abundantly clear to even the slowest among you - I'm looking at you, "Dev" - that the campaign is trying to get people to re-evaluate elements of nature. The Sun, the Sea, and so on, are usually thought of as positive. They're part of "nature". They're "good".

By the way, "Dev", he's not suggesting that you use a water mill to harness the power of a tsunami. If you're going to critique what is, admittedly, not brilliant copy, try taking a fucking English course first. No offence.

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- Life Feeds on Life -

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those crazy romanians...

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Oh ! The mask is supposed to be scary !