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March 2008

Print advertisment created by Daehong, South Korea for Green Korea United, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

We are drowning. Rescue us from global warming.

Art Director: Kim, Junghwa
Copywriter: Lee
Illustrator: Lee, Juyong

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Guest commenter

prefer dis one.nice visual.

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Wrong... That is a completely different concept. People are quick to say DONE on this site. Plus, even if that was the same concept, this is a superior execution to those, in my opinion.

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Guest commenter 02

Not another ad against global warming.

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Crisp One
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****comment moved to 1st one in campaign*****

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very captivating. great art...

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poor idea, great visual.

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Perfect ad. Take a big lie and make it bigger.

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Guest commenter

great sky but find the birds were too big compared to the island...

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Crisp One
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Global Warming = Huge Birds + Scary Islands

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Hehe, you guys are right.

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No more global-warming ads, please. There's nothing new here--nothing that would make anyone finally sit up and say "oh! I really SHOULD do something!". Unless a global-warming ad is totally new and terribly effective, I think we should just leave these alone.

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People keep saying, "No more global warming ad." just because we are in the ad industry and pay attention to the vastness of all of these ads does not mean that the every day person is aware of them. Maybe one execution grabs the attention of someone that was not reached by a different execution. Maybe this ad was placed in one kind of magazine that one person sees that is not accessible to others. Not everyone is as in touch with marketing as we in the industry would like to believe. I say the more we can get the message out there the better because everyone needs to wake up. Comment on the quality of the ad with regards to the concept/art direction not on whether you think that we are overkilling the message.

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like this one more as well...they both very good though...

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very very very very very very NICE.