September 2013

Print advertisment created by Salva O'Renick, United States for Great Salt Lake Minerals Corporation, within the category: Industrial, Agriculture.

Choose the wrong potash and you could face some serious issues. Treat your crop to Sulfate of Potash, and you'll like the response you get.

Advertising Agency: Salva O'Renick, Kansas City, USA
Creative Director: Scott Strickler
Art Director: Katie Roebling
Copywriter: Doug Salva

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Activity Score 20

This advertisement compares effects of not using the clients’ additives to grow their crops. The objective is to grab the reader’s attention with a simple frowny vs. smiley face picture. Right off the start, it is the main focus of this printed ad and it does well in capturing enough interest to glance and see why the rotten potato is all about. Very little text indicates the communication is trying to cue to the clients that this product speaks for itself. The association that I gathered from this brands advertisement was, simply goodness. The page is neither saturated with words or scenery. The bad, left side alternative to not using Great Salt Lake Minerals Corporation as their fertilizing supplier and is portrayed as risk. The first image readers see is the frowny face is dressed in inferior colors, quality, and design. In contrast, the happy, healthy and smiling right side of the page has a rich background color scheme and is enriched with a bolder green plant and disease-less vegetation. The selling premises of benefit, promise, and reason to believe, makes the proposition to motivate purchase of the product offered is clear and logical. I like how the ad includes a support caption to provide reason for their persuasive agenda. The creative direction could have created a more memorable narrative where the risk factor is amplified. Even though the approach was hard selling, resonance could have been more effective in gaining a stronger position in an otherwise undifferentiated market.

Cindy M