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i like this one...its a little obscure, and im wondering if most people will get it...but i like the ads that you have to figure out a little.

after a little thought on this...perhaps cold medicine isnt the best product for this....i mean who makes homemade cold medicine?? food would have fit this much better...

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ok… a little too long… but ok…

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ohhhhhhhhh. i get it. cute. a bit hard to achieve in print, but i got it eventually.

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It took me 5 minutes, but I got it. Very nice, excellent art direction!!!!! (Both, the photo and the ad)


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going to toilet with a little more patience once a day i "read" a mag in 5 minutes. 1 min = 60 seconds

5 x 60s, 300 seconds
one mag has roughly, lets say, 120 pages
that is 2,5secs average for every page.

if i need 5 minutes for this ad how am i supposed to read all the other pages while my patience exceeds the 5 min treshold???

i looked about 20 secs on the small picture, but i didnt get it. I won't open the big original file, since when i can't get the ad in small size, how can i get it in bigger size. anyway, im drunk....

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Just the "doctor" or pharmacist from Vick listening to the homemade recipe from the original source. Granny. It's kinda hard, but it makes sense, it's hilarious.


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haven't we seen enough dudes in white lab coat ads?

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yohanes sumera
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love it...! this is very nice :)

“With love and patience, nothing is impossible.”

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like this - pretty quick and clean i thought.

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i missed sth......

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Cool :)

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When I read the copy got it straight away.
Impressively shot.

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I am obviously a moron.

I don't get it.

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Vicks 'scientists' are willing to do ANYTHING to get the best-testing traditional grandma homemade recipes. Even sitting for hours helping grandma roll her wool up.

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seriously?! damn that's a long way for a roast beef sandwich.

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Farfetched like heeeeeeeeeeell.

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I was trying to connect the yellow string with the word 'lemon,' so I'd change the string color.