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These are good. Although not sure whether the logo would have been better at the base of the ad?

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Thats disgusting...

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i like the concept, but not a fan of the type and layout


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Yona Hümmels
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Sorry, done before in the Netherlands. Here's a link: (Allthough still a good ad)

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Bundy Agency
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concept is there shame about the art

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I like the concept cause it's real. visual is also strong. AD not so strong.

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Effective, but I think it could hae been treated with a different visual... like showing a row of over sized shirts hanging in the kids zone of a departmental store or something like that.

Playing around with Kids on something like this should.. to my mind, be avoided.

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Activity Score 69

good idea, but very poor execution. bad art direction.
its too bad, because it could have been a great print campaign

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