August 2006

This can happen to you. Use your head, wear a helmet.

Advertising Agency: Golden Advertising

Creative Director: Dingdong Baes

Art Director: Dingdong Baes, Dao Hong Nhan

Writer: Tony Truong. Dingdong Baes

Illustrator: Nguyen Anh Quoc,

Photographer: Noppadol Viwatkamolwat, Nguyen Vu Nhat Huy

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Mtl Dave
Activity Score 274

Well. I'm shocked, very catchy. I think the other one with the guy is better. Maybe the "This can happen to you" is not necessary.

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Activity Score 26

Its nice ... bloody and shocking but the template is an exact copy from an ad i saw in dis website ... and i don't understand why the template is different from the previous one + the blood look like koolAid

bknowlden's picture
Activity Score 3647

What is the relevance for the injury as far as placement goes? Is it by a demolition site or something? Let's crumple the paper and throw them on the streets, let's put the posters in the path of traffic so after a few days there are tires marks all over them, let's take an existing nail from someone else's poster on telephone pole and literally push the poster through it.

Bottom line, let's make our creativity relevant.

Guest's picture

This idea is predictable, I don't see a fresh approach, sorry.

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btw. good suggestions of brandon.'s picture
Activity Score 2

What is the relevance for the injury as far as placement goes?

The majority of transport for people of the target demographic is motorbike/moped. As you'll see in the background, the posters have been placed in locations around campus in close proximity to.... funnily enough the places where the students park the mode of transport this public safety campaign is targeted at.

Is it me, or does that just seem like a flash of the blindingly obvious?

nd i don't understand why the template is different from the previous one

It's a PSA, you never have the same message in the same format. It's the ol' rule of three, three different ideas/representations/communications mediums communicating the same core message.

This is the very first time i've felt the need to post around here, but the comments some of you posted annoyed me enough to do so. You obviously need to go back and take Common Sense in Advertising 101 because it seems you somehow skipped that course.

bknowlden's picture
Activity Score 3647

I'm not talking about "appealing to target market" I'm talking about perpetuating the idea by means of placement. I apologize if you felt that these comments lack the high level of intellect and strategy you see as taught in Common Sense 101.

winchester, do you care to tell me how the glass came to be in the poster? Was it placed or was the poster hung over a broken window? What sliced the man's head? seemingly nothing... Please comment on whether the suggestions made would or would not make the adv. better? The thought is interesting, the depth of the execution is relatively shallow.

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Activity Score 3647

Wait, it's not even glass, it's a mirror. I've got it - she was riding her bike through one of those Hollywood movie scenes where the guys are carrying the giant mirror across the street. You see, this is the obvious situation, seeing as how it is virtually the only one possible on the face of the earth where she would end up with a mirror embedded in her skull!

And "the old rule of three" ? Last I checked there were only two executions...

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Activity Score 50

:shrugs: i've always heard three, too

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Activity Score 1592

Yeah, happens to me all the time. Thank god I have a good surgeon. bknowlden, excellent suggestions on making this ad relevant. This had more potential, yet I like the brutal execution.

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MADE in the USA
Activity Score 434

I like the dimensional effect in the artwork, not sure I understand the relevance or concern, are things falling out of the sky in Vietnam? Uhh..I’ve never seen blood that color.
mit-u )


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Activity Score 44

Definately eye catching! ummm, Like what Usa mention, I dont like the blood and the colour, is not natural...

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Activity Score 6

For those of you who haven’t been to Vietnam and don’t know anything about their culture, almost 90 % of the vehicles that you see on the road are motorbikes. So if you want to deliver or carry something, you use a motorcycle. Whether it’s a refrigerator, cabinet or even a 6ft tall mirror, everything should fit or sit on a bike.

There is a third one. Unfortunately, it didn’t pass the screening.

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Activity Score 8

I am sorry but I beg to differ. I am a true-blue Vietnamese thou I am not currently living in VN.
There is no rule that riders should wear helmet in the city, except for outskirt highways. This thus makes the ads on electricity posts like this not really work. Even to riders inside the city, I am wondering if they will take any notice of these small ads. Those that will may be mainly pedestrians I guess, and are they targetted to wear helmets?
Another prob I find with these ads is its low level of persuasiveness to VNese people, judging from some angles.
First, the victims portrayed in the ads are Americans (I guess), which distance laymen from identifying themselves with the threats (if possible). This is what I feel from the stand of a Vietnamese, who is not really convinced by the ads truly, and I believe this raises a big barrier to this kind of ads achieving effectiveness.
Second, the consequences depicted in the ads are somehow too forced, IMO Again, this diminishes the persuasion of the ads. People will not really feel that such and such could happen to them someday and there's such a need to wear helmet. This is especially true for the Guy Ad. The tearing of the paper does not say much, because our head is not simply torn! Again, the placement of these ads reinforces my points. Accidents take place on the street and people fall down and it goes on. So sticking the ads on the posts, vertically, even pushes the potential threats farther from reality and makes riders hard to really "feel" it.
I am really fond of Brian's suggestions to how such ads could be better. And I believe they would be much better if they go in that way!

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Activity Score 6

The targets for the posters are the students for RMIT and not the public. And if you’ve read the title of the ad “RMIT International University” this will answer the talent not looking like a Vietnamese. Did I mention any rules on wearing a helmet? Look at the background and you will see that it is located in parking areas for motorbikes. You said it yourself, “thou I am not currently living in VN.” These accidents do happen here and sometimes even worst. I guess your also one of the target of this ad. Read the headline and if you’re that smart, you will find out why.

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david guerrero
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Your target is not the public? You are fucking stupid. You just shot yourself in the foot. Bad Creative Director.