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I dont get these ads...what is the significance of showin a younger girl in the bubble for a sugar free gum?

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First I thougt because they inflate their body because of the hard blowing. But the line says something about the child inside?

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Bruno Santiago

Usually "adult gums" have a bitter taste. Mainly because they are usually sugar free. This ad is for a bubble gum that tastes sweet but has no sugar added.

"Saca el niño que llevas dentro" means Let out the kid you carry within - or something like that.

Not original... but clever!

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Thanks for the translation Bruno!

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this is an easy concept, isn't that hard to understand. BTW is fine

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instinctive tra...
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What are you saying?

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Looks a bit "smirnoff-esque".

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Just how many times do we have to see the "bubble head" execution for this category? Three different brands -- same idea.

It's official, it's been done before!

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I've got to give it to you. They do look the same.

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They are similar regarding the "bubble head" but these take the concept to the next level and are executed a little better. I bet most bubble gum accounts start out with the big bubble over-the-face shot. It would be nice to see what else can be done but these work.

These might not win any awards but I bet they are effective ads.

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Demasiada producción para tan poca idea

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These would be nicer with a background on a context, I mean the gal/dude being a kid among a group of adults or an adult scenario. Photography is good though.

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I think this is a great ad. Everyone brings out the idea of the bubble when it comes to bubble gum ads, but the child's face inside the bubble, reflecting the inner child each and everyone of us carries within.. is just genious. And the art direction is awesome: Super clean, neat and really sharp.


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congratulate yo...

You sure are excited about these average ads. Let's see... you're from Venezuela, and this agency is in Venezuela, hummmm. Anyway, thanks for explaining YOUR ads and your genius to us mere mortals. We would have NEVER understood the intricate and complicated concept without YOUR help. By the way, are you the copywriter or the art director? Given that the art is "awesome, super clean, neat and really sharp", my guess is art director.

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Yes, I am from Venezuela, but had nothing to do with these ads. I¡m only saying that is too easy to critizise other people's work. and as I stood for these ads, I have also made my point with other ads from other countries....


Quit envying the good efforts. start reaching goals by yourself.

best reggards

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whatever dude, this a good average ad. But it isn't "genious". Period. As far as I can see, you haven't met "genious" yet. Try harder.

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Quienes en Publicis hicieron esta campaña?

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debu purkayastha
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sorry dude
this is quite sad!
whats it got to do with sugar free?
and if u tell me its an adult gum without sugar and therefore adult body and kids head then i will have to equate your proportions in a similar manner!