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Activity Score 441

I love the camp.... coooool.

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Activity Score 54

Actualy... I think its a weak idea, but i like the execution... Not Bad.

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Lorem Ipsum
Activity Score 49

no. taxes are evil. paper is ok

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Activity Score 191

Good point.

I do sympathise with paper as well.

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Activity Score 32

hmm.. nice art direction. But dont you think the idea is a little weak ?

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Activity Score 181

A very good dramatisation,
but weak on theme,
agreed CHEOK

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Activity Score 473

As a freelance copywriter, paper is most definitely not evil, whereas taxes most definitely are.

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Activity Score 406

good execution, but weak idea. wud have worked well for something else, but not this.

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amit sonar
Activity Score 12

i love the campaign
nice art direction

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Activity Score 3647

These are great, when have you seen anything near this for tax preparation?

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Very tough category. Fun campaign for sure.

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Activity Score 765

It's funny, but I find the idea kinda dumb and lame.

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Activity Score 104

Wrong, taxes are evil. Paper is paper.

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Claus Thaler
Activity Score 32

Hey, wait a second, I don´t get ist: These are print ads, am I right? Printed ads in magazines? Which mean that they´re printed on paper? And these people are trying to tell me that paper is evil?

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Activity Score 1592

You're going way to deep. No need on this ad.

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Activity Score 1592

At first glance I thought that evil paper gnome wanted to light himself on fire. Nice art but the idea isn't that great.

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Activity Score 1042

The logic is all wrong. It is not the paper, it is process. Obviously the idea came first.

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Activity Score 88

it is the first time that I see a print campaign with photo shootings/production for taxes. and thats all ok. but why the paper is evil?!?
I mean this is a wierd anaolgy I guess. cuz if the paper is evil than the final exams are good but the paper is evil! WHATTT? :) taxes are evil. dont hate paper. love 'em b'oi!

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Activity Score 150

great, excellent for the category, impecable art direction, and yes, for this kind of thing probably paper is evil because it doesn't allow any mistakes when filling out the forms, if you make one you can't correct it and have to start over!

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Activity Score 152

great and silly

somehow i want to believe that the line is not close enough to the product, but on the other hand, actually it's a genious line. Can't get it out of my head.

who can say that about their last product?

BMW Z8 is deadly
Drive safer with BMW Z9

woo, see the difference?
"Paper is evil" works, BMW Z8 does not. BMW or any other company would never create a negative story about their own products, even if there is a successor. The Online Tax Product (it's not, i just call it product) is pretty adequate for this idea, so they used it.

One of the freshest campaigns i have seen for some time.

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Activity Score 441

Hi ripster.. I don't know if i get you.. they are saying paper its evil which is not there product.. So nothing negative they said abut there product which is the online.


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Activity Score 406

is this an insight based ad?

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