Gandhi Remembrance Day

October 2007

The ad references Gandhi's famous spinning wheel. He used to spin yarn using this charkha as a means of symbolizing the need for India to be self-reliant in textiles and boycott English fabrics.

Celebrate freedom at work on Gandhi Remembrance Day.

Advertising Agency: Gmasco, Dubai, UAE
Art director: Harshad Badbe
Copywriter: Cherry Koshy
Photographer: Harshad Badbe

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this is means that these guys (the creatives) doesn't have a lot of real work to do.
and they want to do any piece for portfolio & put there names on the website.
It's bad ad.

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andrej dwin
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nwo given that I really needed the explanation below, I suppose the people in dubai aren't as informed about the fact as they'd need to be. it could work if it came from an indian agency, but in dubai, I dout it's effectivnes.
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Interesting visual.
Interesting thought.

Interestingly, this also looks like SCAM.

Ivan, I feel you should only take released work from agencies.
From what I know, GMASCO certainly doesn't handle the Scotch account.

No offence to the creative guys...this work is good...
but you should be ashamed putting your agency's name behind it.

If Scotch comes to know, you guys would need tape to protect your aching bums!

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I do post student work and award oriented work as well as real campaigns. The objective is to inspire you besides informing you about the industry. Think of AotW as a fashion show or a car show with cool concept cars besides the real models.

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He he he...

just thought about something as an after-thought...

seeing the fake work done by these guys, maybe they should rename their agency.

From G-SCAM-O.


Keep those bums ready guys. Scotch is coming with the tape!

Sorry about this again, but I HATE SCAM!

- Kusum, Dubai

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dear kusum, I think something burning under your bottom? just check you ass.

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this ad must have been created by an indian agency.. i'd rather say that but dubai is little india these days so i think there will be a response to it..

and its only a good art to me, i didnt get the idea behind it, is it something touchy for the indians?

| everartz |

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yes its a scam and on top of it its not efffective, Visual similarity from spining wheel to a tape dispenser is too much of a visual leap which only the agency guy would be aware of

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not relevant

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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Snarky people eat cheeze

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weldone guys!, to understand this idea, need to understand Gandhi first. great job! keep it up!

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Gandhi Remembrance Day in Dubai.
Uh, well, boo.

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Banner G

what????????? "to understand this idea, need to understand Gandhi first"

u sonofabitch u crazy or what.

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released or not...i lyk d idea

i would luv to see sum creative "real" work of miss kusum

Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise


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i loved it.

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liked it.

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like the insight. like the ad too.

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Vive la France

Help me with simple words and no personnal comment !!!!

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Write a note to yourself about Gandhi Remembrance Day. Use this Scotch tape to fasten it to your refrigerator. Thank you for reading this advert.

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Ghandi can use scotch tape, too lol..

No hay tiempo to lose!

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Gandhi can use scotch tape, too lol..

No hay tiempo to lose!