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merrly i agree with you... the photoshop and overall art direction is great.. they actually made the 4 legged frog look really real. But the edge is wrong.. its not the right edge for BMW. And if darwin was right that frog might be mighty fast :-p.


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What a great bit of branding. Get a laugh, differentiate your product and make the competition look like mutant frogs.

Pat Flannery
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im with "ivan | Wed, 2006-05-31 07:36

I think the message is that there is a very good reason why all animals in nature evolved in a way that their rear legs are the ones that give power. I think it's very compelling and it does make me rethink my preference of front wheel drive even though I don't have any factual evidence to support it. "

you are right

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Ass slurper.

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