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Charlie Pratt's picture
Charlie Pratt
Activity Score 427

England just wiped the floor with France. But a good ad nonetheless. That frog looks determined.

Duckman's picture
Activity Score 520

Nice frog, but work more on the reflection.

Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle.

pankajadsoftheworld's picture
Activity Score 433

sum1 please do the honor of explaining this to me...

Tinglow's picture
Activity Score 614

Yes, i think my semantics are poor. I just cant read the ad. Explaination pls!

justeelona.w's picture
Activity Score 4

proportion wise doesnt look right to me . the rose .

Advertising Pawn's picture
Advertising Pawn
Activity Score 419

Wow, the reflexion photoshop is surprisingly bad.

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