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Mmmh agreeing, maybe because of the no-work on photos :) but could have been a good idea

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ive seen this long time ago! so:
in english: not working
in indian: nahi nahi
in arabic: la mish zabta yaba...
in polish: neih rozomyem..

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In english :dont want
In hindi : nahi chahiye
In tamil : vena
in marlayalam : venda
in marathi: noko pyjee

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Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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its a perfectly fine idea... what's wrong with it ppl?
y is it not working?

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its ok to not comment...

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Nice idea. It reaches the target at the right moment. Maybe they could have put a chewing gum in every cookie, to go along with the message...

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The message is provided in old Chinese Wisdom Proverb Style.

No sense in Comprehending that if you don't happen to be au fait with the Style.

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"Art Thou Making Sense?"

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the fortune cookie could also say: "If you really like this campaign, an idiot you must be".

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They could have just handed out Orbit Gum instead of Chinese Fortune Cookies.
Then the campaign would have been much Fortunate for the Guests & Restaurants.

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handing out gum is not memorable at all.
who ever remembers the brand of mint they get in a restaurant?

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Not memorable... but fortunate for the Customers after eating the Spicy Chilli Manchurian ;) It will help my dear... try it... and remember my words... it will be bliss. :D

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true, true :)

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The idea could be fine, but it's fake advertising. sorry

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I love how they choose Yoda to do the copywriting...

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yes, pavel sobek is just a pseudonim, hahaha.

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Oh man, the idea is fine, but then the copy decided it has to be racist.

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--good idea is enemy of great idea

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