August 2007



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Advertising Agency: Lowe Hunt, Sydney, Australia
Creative Team: Dejan Rasic, Rebecca Carrasco, Howard Collinge
Photographer: Andreas Smetana
Producers: Rachel Henderson, Kristen
Stylist: Suzannne King
Retouching: Electric Art
Agency Head of Production: Darren Bailey
Agency Producers: Lisa Cordukes, Charna Henry
MTV Creative Director: Vanessa Zuppicich
MTV Marketing Team: Colin Blake, Sam Coombes
MTV Managing Director: Dave Sibley
MTV Communications & Publicity Manager: Laura Vozzo
Media: Magazine

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U.B. Trippin''s picture
U.B. Trippin'

Who speaks like this?
That phoney statement is incorrect and offensive.
Some people think you can place a random "be" in a sentence
to replicate "black speak", well they are (be) mistaken.

FatalGhost's picture
Activity Score 52

Um. Thats how Snoop Dogg speaks.....

The Welder's picture
The Welder

Not bloody likely, FatalGhost. That copy sounds like a bad Al Jolson reprise. Terrible.

Fred dy's picture
Fred dy

Bull#*@$ - it's exactly how he speaks. Listen to one of his interviews. Great Campaign. Love it.

fredg's picture
Activity Score 7

Great campaign?! "Exactly how he speaks"?? When's the last time you spoke to Snoop? And his interviews? Really? Where have you heard Snoop speaking like Amos n' Andy?

The Australians also put on blackface to celebrate Michael Jackson's is going on over there?

Stupid idea. Ridiculously offensive copy. In the US you would get fired.