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i get the joke, but they make me think bad of the brand...and to me, thats not good...anyone agree with me on this?...

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No amount of clever art direction will ever mask a bad idea.

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Guest star

yes, it will.
but not this time.

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Ed Mintone
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Nice example.

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just lost my appetite. thanks.

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Juliana Uchoa

You're welcome, dumb ass.

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i think theres no need to insult him if he just doesnt like the ad.

i mean isnt that possible?

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Juliana Uchoa

So who are you? His mother?

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Must be a Jr and hasn't developed thick skin yet. If you can't take the feedback maybe you shouldn't post your work. That is the point of this site right?

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se você for mesmo Juliana Uchoa, pessoa a quem admiro o trabalho (SÓ o trabalho, e olhe lá - vai ter que ser GP pra eu gostar agora), acabou de se queimar para o mundo todo como uma convencida borçal que não merece nem o que o gato enterra.

concordo 100% com o comentarista acima.
quem vive de elogios é colunista social, profissão que se encaixa perfeitamente no seu perfil pessoal, uchoa.

Shame on you!

à propósito: a direção de arte salvou a falta de idéia nesse trabalho, e ainda por cima isto foi feito para concorrer a premiações e não para trazer resultado para o cliente, isso não vende nada a não ser quem criou (mal vendido, diga-se de passagem).

publicitários deviam descer do salto do ego, e jamais esquecer que para a humanidade e para o mundo, publicidade é apenas um trabalho como outro qualquer, só que bem menos importante. um gari, um professor primário e até um político são mais importantes para o mundo do que qualquer publicitário.

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I really hope that was not Juliana.

Arguing on the internet is just like competing on the para-olympics:

even if you win, you're still retarded.

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Guest what

The pizza that fools you?
I have an idea! What about an ad that shows a pizza fooling people?

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I don't like it. You should be more creative. Try again.

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Nice metaphor Chuck!

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Can anyone tell me what's under the bed? Are those exhaust pipes, like this thing is movable?

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Ad Junkie At Large
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thats what i thought but i dunno, but it attracts a lot of attention

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itzzz shita, man, just shita. itzz a movable bed so this shita can move around quickly and spread VD.
miniature italian fart pillow dangle, todd reynolds would call it a tetedecon

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i don't understand these at all, what's going on?

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1st idea.

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it doesn't make sense.. so stupidly..

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note: the comments above were made by unknown person, using my name. in respect of all those who took part in this site i decided to clarify this. tks, juliana.

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seriously, can someone please explain what's going on in these ads? what am i missing? i do not get them at all.

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happy angel
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nice, is it down for 3D? who did it?

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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All kinds of wrong.

First off, I have no idea how this visual suggests fooling your hunger.

Secondly, why would you want to fool your hunger? What does that even mean? has anyone else thought of that? To me, fooling your hunger implies that you're not eating at all, but instead you're fooling your hunger into thinking it's been satisfied. So, in that case, why would I buy the pizza? Apparently I don't need to eat because I can just 'fool' my hunger. This is just bad.