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I really like this Concept.. Very simple..Brilliant...!
Well done...Suhas sir, Vinayak Adate..!

> Shakil

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Interesting, but I challenge the relevance. Yes, coffee can be refreshing and so can flowers, but not in the same way. I will say that it is nicely art directed though.

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good work

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this works better for a flavoured aromatic herbal tea but even if it was it would still be a below average print ad.
I have noticed that Dubai agencys LOVE to re-touch or photoshop most of their print ads. I can now tell a Dubai ad without looking at the credit, it looks like something from the 90s.

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I like the concept. nothing brilliant, but a nice finished product except for the flower looks like a chalk drawing and not looking like steam at all... to prove this point remove the coffee cup and see what you think.

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i guess some people didnt notice something which is thta teh advertisers only showed us the rim of the coffee cup to create the illusion thta it could either be a coffee cup or a flower pot and thta is the reason why there's flower coming out of it.anyway. it is a really clever ad and i had to use an ad for my english assignment to comment on and i chose this one. this ad is really cool. if u have any moe interesting facts about this ad plz email me becuz it might help me in my assignment.xD

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !


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watch this