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andrej dwin
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nice 3D work, but else it's completely boring and lacking an idea.
*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

AdArena: Sex Sells

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Ron Jeremy
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Yeah what's the go?

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So its singapore or malaysia...oops its dubai.. ok, where is the idea!!! boring campaign

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I ldon't mind the art direction and i live in dubai so it would stand out! i don't agree that all advertising needs a strong concept, this is simple advert that communicates a clear message to the people of Dubai, that don't worry more buses are coming etc etc.. i think it does it's job, ok it won't win anything but it communicates a clear message in a clean fairly unique style for Dubai.

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good ;point man...

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agreed. It does its job and as pointed out its essentially for the people do Dubai. But from the Art POV I think the idea of 'Flating' could have been well communicated with the use of the colour blue or ocean green which compliments both water and sky and thereby ' hugeness, floating etc etc. also the #D would have stoodout.

Thats my take!!

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...I thought about it again and it still blows balls.

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Are you serious, apart from the CGI work, this is not worthy of any advertising platform.

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well art directed. well written. better than most of the scam crap you see on this site